Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Carried Away by a Moonlight Shadow

Hijacking of the Exodus

The group splits up with Tryce and Kerlos have a mysterious adventure to reclaim The Unmentionable, Freya leaving the group so as not to have anyone an accessory to her plan, and the rest going off to Abregado-Rae to investigate some full moon kidnappings.

Nothing is ever said by Tryce or Kerlos of their adventures but it apparently involved a Princess, some ninjas, and maybe some forced sodomy…though no one knows for certain.

Freya meanwhile meets up with Tyr to hijack the New Republic Super Star Destroyer Exodus which they plan to use to flee the galaxy from Sith. Freya believing that like Cortez burning his ships upon arriving at the New World, that taking their escape plan would inspire the New Republic. She and Tyr worked out a near flawless plan to fake a reactor overload to get them as much distance from the shipyard and guard ships and then jump out with the ship. It all goes according to plan until Tyr tries to contact one of his own men aboard the ship and they realize they have a John McClane on board. A young Jedi Knight who sensed something was wrong and didn’t evacuate the ship like the rest of the crew is now crawling around in the ducts trying to sabotage their hijacking. The young Jedi puts up a good fight and keeps his honor in tact but in the end Freya was much more powerful than he was and they drop him off in a shuttle before heading out to Tyr’s shipyard with their new SSD.

On Abregado-Rae 8, the Doc, Dannel, and Mina start looking into the kidnappings that only seem to be happening once a month on the full moon. With another full moon just days away they furiously investigate every lead they can find coming up with dead ends left and right. Finally, going to the home of the first victim they discover he was quite the art collector. In addition to acquiring a Hutt Pin Up to give to Kerlos, they find a curious piece of art. A prothium gas capture was partially melted away with a strange shadow looking very much like the descriptions they’ve gathered and seen first hand. Based on what they find as well as an ethereal dagger among the artworks they determine the Moonlight Shadow can only physically manifest in Moonlight and is teleporting people to it’s home dimension parallel to their own.

Renting some prothium gas “cameras” they plan to try and recapture the creature. Of course having been captured once before the creature recognizes the cameras and sets about trying to destroy them at once. It takes a bit of fancy Force work but the crew finally manages to capture it before it smashes the last camera. They then take the prothium gas and throw it into a black hole….cause they can.



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