Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Challenging Nature and Reason


On Socorro 8 finally has his climactic meeting with 13. However, what should have been a 10 second battle ending in the death of 8 instead becomes a meeting in which 8 convinces 13 to hold off on his plans for galactic domination. 13 decides to see how the apocalypse goes and plans on taking over in the ensuing chaos. Not entirely trusting his own brothers when 8 asks for them to chose sides he allows 2,3, and 5 to stay with STARS keeping his more loyal brothers 10,11, and 12.

Moments after 13 leaves, 12’s pet project Nemesis, shows up on the hunt for STARS. Almost killing Mina in a surprise rocket launcher strike a battle ensues between him and STARS. Each time a limb is removed it seems to be replaced by a larger and nastier one making Nemesis stronger with each hit. After an impressive cleave by 8 Nemesis becomes a large biomass lump still intent on their deaths. Finally realizing it’s not going to be that easy the crew collapses the colliseum on Nemesis and makes a break for the spaceport with Nemesis on their tail become larger as he absorbs dead bodies he rolls over on the streets of Socorro. At the spaceport the crew grabs a tow ship, tractor beams Nemesis, and sets it on auto pilot for the sun, at last ridding themselves of one of my favorite Resident Evil inventions.

The day before this bizarre encounter they received word that Dannel Jackonos died on the Chiss homeworld looking into an artifact called the thousand year puzzle. Going there to pick up his body they believe he is actually in some sort of hibernation trance mimicking death. As it turns out Dannel is trapped by the puzzle which was used by some ancient alien culture as a prison of sorts, in fact the actual translation Dannel finds out too late for the artifact is the thousand year prison. Freya manages to trap her own conciousness in with him by mistake and the two of them discover that Dannel’s parents are also trapped in there as well, Dannel having believed them dead years before.

Meanwhile, at the Museum the others are looking at the exhibits and studying the Shard of Sith. During their visit they run into an older couple that bear a striking resemblance to Dannel. Though talking with them they seem to not recognize his name. Kerlos, being the scoundrel he is, notices they aren’t actually there looking at the exhibits but are casing the joint…much like he probably was as well. He and Tryce make a plan to wait for them to show up looking for the thousand year puzzle in the room Dannel was inspecting it.

Back at the prison/puzzle Vox finds he is able to manipulate the trapped Force spirits back to their bodies using similar techniques he used to “cure” his madness. Dannel contacts his parents within the prison and lets them know he’ll be back for them soon. Back in their own bodies, and unfortunately not switched around they begin to talk about what they’ll do about Dannel’s parents.

That night at the museum Kerlos and Tryce spring their trap on the thieves, who while generally competent thieves, don’t usually deal with Jedi Mall Cops. They are knocked unconcious in seconds and surprisingly on stunned in the face. Taking the crooks to the others to discuss what’s to be done with them Dannel identifies them as his missing/dead parents. As it turns out the two spirits inhabiting his parents were the last two prisoners of the box and when his parents “solved” the puzzle they were released into those bodies though still for a few days in state of hibernation and had to dig their way out of their own graves later. Since then they’ve be living it up across the galaxy and amassing a small fortune which they try to bribe Dannel with. That was a mistake. Dannel, in his rush to get his parents back in their rightful bodies and angered by the attempted bribe, dissipates the thieves Force essences essentially killing them and joining the Dark Side point club.

After a reserved but tender reunion with his parents the crew now getting quite substantial with the additions of Death Dayrious, 2,3,5, and the Doctors Jackonos, heads of to pick up some holocrons on Yavin and see about Ember leaving with a ship full of young Jedi.

Director’s Commentary

While it doesn’t often come up I do name most villains in the campaign and the fake Doctors Jakonos were Jesse and James named after the Team Rocket villains from Pokemon, who themselves are of course named after the famed outlaw. Also the thousand year puzzle is actually an artifact from the Yugioh series actually known as the Millenium Puzzle. Within the puzzle box even on the show is an MC escher like labyrinth which is actually a portrayal of the users soul, though people can become trapped and lost in there for centuries much like the Pharoah on the show. The reason it doesn’t seem to correspond to any known culture in the Star Wars universe is because of it’s egyptian origins and it is in fact from our own universe and somehow made it into theirs. Dun dun duuuuuun!

Oh and the guy that stole the puzzle box from Dannel’s father Eon Jolt, Jolteon, another Pokemon! Bwahahahahaha!



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