Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Death Stars and Droids

No you can't have a Death Star

The crew goes undercover to do some recon on the prison where the doctor is being held, with 8 covering the more overt side of things and making sure “STARS” is seen on another planet during their visit. The trial goes more or less as expected except the doctor is not given the worst possible death sentence, just an ordinary death by injection. The night before the execution the crew is waiting on some Defel extremists to try and break out the doctor to execute him themselves, but before the Defel can attack a building close by the prison erupts from a Death Star Laser blast.

A full planetary assault is launched by 13 in an effort to distract planetary security while they break the doctor out. As 10,11, and 13 assault the prison, Kerlos actually helps to keep the guards alive by enhancing their ability to run and dodge keeping most of them alive. Posing as 8 the three droids convince the doctor they’re there to rescue him and abscond with him to the Death Star. The crew decides to discreetly follow them with Mina’s “this is not the ship your looking for field” keeping them relatively undetected.

On the Death Star the doctor realizes who it that’s really captured him and is told that he will either make 13 a virus capable of wiping out 99% of the life in the galaxy or 13 will rip the knowledge from his mind. While the doc is set up in a lab surrounded by ysallimarri, the group docks in a different docking bay and begins scouting the Death Star with half the group going to get the doc and the other half going to shut down the hyperdrive and tractor beam. Of course everyone is walking around with about a dozen different powers active so 13 can easily feel 8’s presence in the Force.

Just outside the docotor’s lab 13 ambushes 8, Kerlos, and Tryce. 8 and 13 both drop Force points, 13 to try and end this quickly, 8 to try and stay alive. Unable to take down 8, 13 settles on almost killing Tryce. Thankfully Kerlos plays dead and is able to get the Life Web on Tryce and then they get the hell out. Having 13 chase them across the ship does allow Freya and Mina to Shadow Shift to the doc and they all regroup to face 13 together. However, as they’re about to face off 13 informs them that his MEGATROOPERS have their friends in the Turtle and will crush them if the doctor is not handed over to him. After a quick huddle the group shadow shifts away from 13 and frees the Captain and all aboard the Turtle telling him to get out until the fighting is over.

While 2 and 3 patch up Tryce on the Turtle, 13 has gotten 10 and 11 to fight alongside him. They do so in some of 5’s altered TIE fighter Mech Suits. During the fight Tryce shows up in his X-wing to take out 10 and 11 while the others concentrate on 13. Wearing him down bit by bit Freya and 8 chop off his legs and head respectively and 8 crushes his head underfoot as 13 laughs a predator laugh with the Death Star self destructing around them.

Mina unsuccessfully tries to convince the Death Star not to blow up, but thankfully rolls low because I don’t want to think of what they would do with their own Death Star.



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