Dark Corners of the Galaxy


Darth Burny McStumpersen

Everyone regroups with Freya out on her homeplanet, Vigirith. Visiting the frozen wasteland everyone gets a little insight as to why Freya can be a bit of a bitch. Arriving at Vigirith they are surprised that the New Republic cruiser aiding Vigirith is already expecting them. Turns out someone on planet has been burning down villages using the Force and the New Republic were ill-equipped to deal with it.

Doing their usual hero bit the group goes planet side and determines that the person burning down villages is possessed by Sith Lord Growlithe who infused himself into an artifact before his death. They find an older starship crashed from long ago with a cargo of other sith artifacts that were on their way to be destroyed.

Working together the group breaks the artifact’s hold of the boy by chopping off the hand holding the artifact and shoving the artifact into their Mandalore box. However, the darkside energy from the artifact is so potent it has essentially marked the lands where ever it went leaving them unusually warm and tainted by the darkside. Combining their power and summoning Captain Planet they manage to purify the land of the darkside energy though it does seem to keep warm in those areas, a bonus for the people choosing to continue to live on Vigirith. STARS also request that Burny McStumpersen be transferred to the Jedi Academy as he is Force Sensitive and only did what he did because he was possessed.

STAR Bravo finally arrives after all the excitement as they are the STARS group originally called to deal with this problem, but Alpha Team still has a task to do. Freya is looking for some old ship logs from her former Master. Returning to a place she had hoped never to see again she finds what she is looking for in an old bootlegger’s cellar. She also runs into herself, or a parallel future self and has a long conversation most of the crew is polite enough to eavesdrop on. Of course they only hear Freyas current half as the Flow Walking Freya is only known to herself and Death Dayrius. Afterward the crew makes ready to figure out their next move.



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