Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Justice at Last

Guest starring Samus the Arahn

Largely the session is taken up by discussions of, “what should we do next.” Finally it’s decided to help the Doc go into hiding with Caduceaus at Shadowstar Station on Xolu. On the station the group splits up and looks around for any suspicious individuals, wary of a trap. Kerlos narrowly avoids hitting on the Doc’s mother and spots a Ranat information broker looking for them. Bullying the little Ranat, Tryce almost kills the poor thing by shoving it with the Force. Taking it to the ship they find out it was hired by an Arahn woman to look for them and leave a datapad at the drop point the next day.

They go to the drop point and the Doc gets in touch with the woman, discovering it is in fact his mother. Going back to her suite to talk, the Doc is captured when her dual personality of Samus the bounty hunter takes over. The others try to stop her but the stun trapped door takes out most of the group as they smash through. The others actually listen to her plan before anyone gets hurt…further and agree that perhaps it’s best to let her take the Doc in hopes of making peace between the Arahn and Defel.



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