Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Kerlos' Seven

A plan just competant enough to work

The crew has Mina hack a bank system to make it appear as if Kerlos’ has the 500,000 credits he does not. Initially Xel gives Mina some trouble, but relying on her skills rather than the Force Mina still pulls it off. The crew, taking extraordinary precautions gets in, transfers the money, and gets out with no trouble.

The rest of the game is a hyperspace trip to the middle of nowhere while they all stand around discussing things that didn’t require me. I mean I could’ve just sat their playing my DS while they did their precious character interactions. But hey, I’m just the GM, not sure why they actually even needed me there. :P


At least I wasn’t having to ask you for the next page in the script. :)

Kerlos' Seven

Ok ok seeing as you have now unleashed just about everyone.. I promise to let you GM as much as you like.. I will even start rolling initiative now if you would like

Kerlos' Seven

Actually I thought about dropping a bit more on you guys all at once here. Then decided to hold back.

Kerlos' Seven

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