Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Leaving the Galaxy

Death of the Anzat

On the way to stop Ember from leaving the galaxy with a ship full of Jedi children, Mina and Artemis finally put the Captain back together. He’s actually really not happy to be back, having lost most everyone dear to him on Socorro and now learning his nephew may be leaving the galaxy with his former best friend. Getting there they discover that only about 10 teenagers are going with Ember and that he has a sensible plan that of turning back depending on how things go. The Captain is still pissed at Ember for being a coward, but being that his nephew and the others are looking at as more of a once in a life time chance for exploration, he’s willing to let them go without a fight. No one else seems to have a good argument against this either.

They also learn that Chron supposedly took the ship back to Yavin with the rest of the children. A little investigating reveals that he instead took a detour back to his home planet to face the Anzat himself. Getting there as fast as they can still isn’t quite fast enough. The Anzat has beaten them there and has bombarded large parts of the village already. They find him in the town square with Chron impaled and pinned down by four swords, doing his best to still rage against the Anzat, with the Anzat feeding off the resultant darkside energy.

The battle is fierce with the Anzat’s mastery of telekinesis having grown stronger since their last fight. Kerlos has to stun Chron in the face to stop the Anzat from feeding off of him. The Anzat finally makes a fatal mistake when he tries to feed off of Mina much like the Butcher. Mina taps into her own darkside, grabs and severs his proboscis, and shoves her lightsaber up his nose instead.



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