Dark Corners of the Galaxy


The Apocalypse Can Wait

Another session in which seemingly little happens. Unable to decide on what to do while waiting for Eight’s confrontation with Thirteen, Freya attends to some personal business. First heading to Drog II they do a bit of shopping while Freya looks into the last known whereabouts of Touo Von Efron, known to his friends as Von Touo. Finding his last residence a burned out husk she then has them make a short trip in system to a small planetoid still owned by him. They find Von Touo’s heavily fortified getaway though his paranoia only allows for Freya to meet him on planet. There he gives her the coordinates for an unnamed planet not on any New Republic charts and the location of Lucien’s ship and databank, the one place she swore she’d never go back to.

Still having a lot of time until Eight’s confrontation, they decide to investigate Raxas Prime and the whereabouts of the missing Death Star Laser plans. On Raxas Mina and Tyr are both running around like kids in a candy store while the others fly around looking for any signs of Kamden or Kassada Paratus. When they find a large number of broken down Star Destroyers clumped together they begin to think something may be up. Investigating further they find Kassada Paratus deep in the corridors of one of the ships working on it. Plugging into a console and taking some readouts Tyr discovers this pile of junk is linked to form a massive robot that could crush Voltron under one of it’s feet. Kassada claims she is building it for what is too come, but is much to crazed and elusive to give them a straight answer. Wanting to do his part to help STARS Tyr chooses to stay with Kassada and help her finish her great work.

Finally it’s off to Muunilist to look into what became of the Emperor’s vault.


I’m going to punch you.


What did I do?


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