Dark Corners of the Galaxy

On the Trail of Anzat

The Past Returns

Kerlos manages a meeting with the VP of The First Galactic Bank of Muunilist who was in charge of the Emperor’s vault at the time it would have turned to the bank’s property. Unfortunately the VP of a mega bank on Muunilist is not easily intimidated or persuaded by Kerlos. So on to plan B. Kerlos in investigating the VP noticed he would often have two call girls sent to his penthouse at night. It takes a lot of persuading but they finally get Freya to agree to go in with Mina and infiltrate his penthouse.

A quick fashion montage later Kerlos intercepts the regular call girls while Mina and Freya take their place. Despite how much Freya dreaded what this was going to entail it turned out that he wasn’t really interested in them. They were expected to simply keep themselves occupied for an hour or so to keep up appearances while he attended to his ahem true interests, which while cannot be described in graphic detail, do involve a lawn chair, a Jawa, and six milk bottles.

Despite having a complicated security system he had somehow chosen 12345 as his password and Mina had no trouble getting into his personal files and getting what they needed with Freya’s help. After returning to the ship and some merciless teasing from the crew, they left Muunilist behind to look into a recent news article from Ord Mantell that sounded like the Anzat could be involved.

Young girls were being killed and drained of all bodily fluid with mysterious puncture marks found on the corpses. Hurting his businesses a local Hutt crime boss was offering a $20,000 bounty to stop the serial killer. Looking into the deaths it seems less likely to be the work of the Anzat unless it’s some sort of sinister trap. Everyone is convinced it is some sort of obvious and sinister trap. This is further compounded when they realize that there is a very obvious order to where the girls are disappearing and where they are turning up. Heading to the next likely spot they realize many bounty hunters have figured this out as well.

Watching over the potential victims of which there were only four, Kerlos follows one which none of the bounty hunters seem to have any interest in. Through the Force he can tell the guy is subtly convincing them he’s not worth following. Calling in the others over the com they all converge to tail him to a lab on the outskirts of town. Still convinced this is an obvious trap despite my lack of a poker face at this point, eight checks the parking garage for bombs while Freya sets off an alarm and the others rush in to save the doomed girl.

Opening the door and immediately meeting the nondescript unarmed human who had yet to prove to any of them he was doing anything wrong, Kerlos immediately shoots the guy in the face killing him. Then they notice the passed out girl next to some sort of hideous half spider half human monstrosity many of them recognize as Alcina. Her corpse not having exploded in a wave of Dark Side energy James couldn’t bear to live without her so he brought her back with the use of a Sith artifact. But who knows why he was feeding her young women, no one got a chance to even say hello to the back story before he was SHOT IN THE FACE!!!

A quick fight follows yada yada yada, Alcina dead…again…they burn down the lab, Kerlos gets the girl…again, fade out, cue the John Williams and credits.

Director’s Commentary

I didn’t want anyone thinking the Muun guy was hiding that he was gay with the fake escorts, there is no word for what he is in the languages of man, alien, or sith. Besides which being gay is perfectly acceptable in the Star Wars universe .


Wow. Sounds like you probably empathized with the Darths & Droids GM at the end of that session, George.

On the Trail of Anzat

Mental note always at least say hi to all NPC before hand.

On the Trail of Anzat

I wasn’t actually all that upset by it, I just like to make a big scene.

On the Trail of Anzat

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