Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Sith Stirs

Into the Mouth of Madness

Eight has a brilliant idea of getting some Ysalimarri to help with his confrontation against Thirteen. After flashing their credentials and sweet talking the New Republic they manage to get on planet so they can smuggle a few off.

While on planet Freya follows up on a hunch and asks the science station to do some scans below the surface of the planet. They find that there is a strange pocket of air beneath the surface, but other than a volcano there is no connection to whatever may be down there. The crew instead decide find a cave that will at least take them below the surface of the world and past the Force negating influence of the Ysalamari. Tryce manages to waken a den of Vonskr’s but otherwise the hike into the cave system is without incident until they get past the influence of the native creatures of Myrkr.

The Darkside presence is so strong and pervasive, Tryce and Vox have no choice but to stay behind. As they go deeper Mina finds she cannot continue to face it as well. Kerlos, Eight, and Freya make it as far as they feel they can go without actually reaching the end and Freya decides to use Farseeing to see the end of the cave. As she does this the presence reaches out to their minds and takes over their bodies, or at least partially. Forcing them to put blasters and sabers trained on one another to kill each other. Eight and Kerlos retreat finally leaving Freya to put her lightsaber to her own head. However, she sees the end of the cave and see’s it as a dead end. Turning off Farseeing the presence at last relinquishes control of her and they get the hell out of Dodge.

After smuggling their illegal cargo past the New Republic, they head off back to Yavin to immediately report in on what they’ve learned. In the middle of their meeting with the Jedi Council alarms begin to go off. The Silver Mandalores have brought an invasion force to Yavin.



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