Dark Corners of the Galaxy

The 5th Judge

The time is not right.

Saying their goodbyes to The Gundark on Nal Hutta, the crew takes off for Socorro and Neftali to try and find Fon Sloan, the Snivvian selling lightsabers to Sith posers as well as trying to stop the transmission the believe will be sent out from Neftali to initiate a galaxy wide droid rebellion. As the newly dubbed Turtle Recall makes planet fall on Socorro a large and noticeable earthquake starts up. Unsure of what it means the PCs continue about their business hitting some of the shopping districts as well as looking for info on Fon.

Finding out he has an office in Tiranga’s Loft, Kerlos sets up a meeting with the Snivvian. However, late that day they hear rumors that a 5th judge has appeared and was the cause of the earthquake. The learn that there have been four 50m monoliths in the desert called the Judges of the Dead for as long as anyone has been on Socorro. Today with the arrival of the earthquake and perhaps connected with some of the cargo carried by the Turtle a 5th Judge rose up out of the desert.

The people of Socorro gathered around it in huge crowds wishing to pay homage to what they consider some sort of a miracle. With the crowds of people it was difficult for Dannel to find any markings on the Judge even with 8 running crowd control. However, Mina managed to spot within the crowd and robed figure with a skull face. As he turned to leave the crowd Freya followed after him.

Talking with him she learned he is in fact the last of The Reapers, a group of Jedi that once dedicated themselves to ending the lives of Sith and others that prolonged their life through unnatural means. She also learns that the other Reapers were corrupted by Xel’lotath and now serve her dark purposes. The Reaper informs Freya that they should get the Swords of Hate off of Socorro to avoid waking Mantorok before his time. The Reaper then steps into the shadow of one of the other Judges and as the shadows wrap around him he disappears. Before Freya can rejoin her friends a figure clad in Jensaarai armor approaches her. The figure pauses for a moment to look at her and simply states, “Almost there,” before fading away entirely as she continues to walk.

Back in Socorro Kerlos meets with Fon and they decide to go into business together. Kerlos will have his people such as Tryce and Mina, clean up, recharge, and refurbish Fon’s lightsabers to make them worth even more. In exchange Fon is going to give them 30% of the profits from selling them. To try and get Fon to give up more info on where he gets his supply Kerlos sets up another meeting in a few days to see more of his merchandise.

During those two days 8 decides to set out about Socorro to see if he can find any naturally occurring lightsaber crystals on planet. He invites Freya along and before he knows it most of the party is coming along for the ride due to the enormous dangers this undertaking presents. Hiring a guide they go to an inactive lava tube which 8 speculates should contain some crystals.

Thankfully their guide was able to help them avoid the numerous dangers of the Socorro wastes, though he refused to travel with them into the lava tubes. Inside the caverns they find a large hot spring with an outcropping covered in dark crystals at it’s center. A troubling tussle with a trio of Tra’cors later and 8 makes it to the outcropping. A few other party members follow him over and manage to locate a small number of smokey grey and black crystals perfect for lightsabers. Mina even manages to outfit her saber with a dual switch which allows her to switch her blade between blue and grey.

Later at their meeting with Sloan, they discover he was lucky enough to find a crashed ship belonging to an old Mandalorian Jedi Hunter. Sloan only has about another ten sabers before he’ll run out of stock and have to find a new supply, though he has plenty of other black market operations to keep him in business.

The crew then goes out and buys a Gonk droid to test their theory that there may be a signal in one of the commercials for the Swoop races that’s causing the droids to rebel. Despite the precautions they take they are pleased to find out their right as the Gonk droid tries to kill them by arching out lots of energy. No one realizing that disabling his motivators may stop him from moving, but he’s still got enough juice in him to damn near power a ship. With this info they hope to convince Sadoon Kauldi to stop the transmission from going out.


This is the most hilarious adventure log ever.

The 5th Judge

D’oh. Not this one. The next one.

I’ll slink away now… :)

The 5th Judge

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