Dark Corners of the Galaxy

The Battle for Yavin

Dark Days are Here

The Jedi’s first priority is to get the children and new recruits untrained for combat through the blockade and off planet. Three Embers, one each in the Turtle, the Precipice, and the Black Sand will pilot them out of there with Tryce and Shadow Squadron punching them a hole in the blockade. However, as Jedi everywhere prepare for the battle by trying to get up certain powers like Battle Meditation they can feel the presence of Chattur’gha blocking them from doing so.

Astaroth, the leader of the Silver Mandalores, calls out Master Otis for a one on one “honorable” duel claiming the will leave the Academy if he will face him. Of course his real motivation for doing so is to destroy the one person he believes is capable of shattering their armor, not realizing Otis lost this ability in his last encounter with them. While Astaroth could not have killed Master Otis in a duel, neither could Otis bring down someone in full Madalore platemail, and finally allowed Astaroth to kill him. Becoming one with The Force Otis negated Chattur’ghas’ presence and used his Battle Meditation to strengthen the Jedi.

Rushing into battle Kerlos and Mina point out the Kamikaze stun grenade Mandolores and Jedi begin pulling pins and TKing them around before they can detonate. Some do get through but the amount is severely minimalized by their actions. Bakuras and Eight rush straight for Astaroth taking out Mandalores along the way. However, in a two on one fight with Astaroth they seem to have much the same trouble as Otis did getting through his armor.

Kerlos, going against his usual nature, mans an E-Web with deadly profeciency puncturing through their armor. The Doctor doing and impression of The Flash manages to get many unconcious Jedi out of harms way. Mina grabs a thermal detonator, and doesn’t really know where to go from there. Freya joins the battle after ensuring the children are safely aboard the ships and grabbing their artifact from the Turtle. Otis’ voice tells Freya to put their staff into the ground and his Force ghost grabs hold of it and sends the plant life around the battlefield surging and growing to entangle the Mandalores.

Tryce and the Shadow Squadron get the drop on the Mandalore ships surprising them with his X’wing launching from the Turtle and the Shadow Squad coming from behind and not appearing on radar. A few salvos of Proton torpedoes and they’ve managed to punch through the blockade. With a couple of the Mandalore ships crashing down around them Bakuras and Freya managed to take one of the massive assault ships and bring it crashing down on Astaroth.

In the aftermath of the battle with the last remaining Mandalores surrendering, Astaroth bursts out of the rubble at last. He manages to stand up and spit up some blood before finally collapsing dead.

At this point Chattur’gha bursts out of the ground through a lava flow, with Xel’lothath showing up from a geyser as well. They have come to find the one that woke Sith early and at last bring about the end of the Jedi. Freya steps forth boldly proclaiming credit for waking Sith and then proceeds to unleash a verbal assault on the two ancient Sith Lords that could crush her with a thought. BALLS!!!

This does cause them to question their own motivations and as they contemplate betraying Sith, Mantorok shadow shifts onto Yavin wielding a dozen black lightsabers in his hands. Corkscrewing at Chattur’gha through the air he takes off as Xel’lotath chases after the two of them. The clash between the three is the stuff of legends with Chattur’gha running along the length of Mantorok’s body trying to dodge sabers and fight while Mantorok snaps his jaws at Xel’lotath’s tentacles whipping about him. At last Mantorok defeats the two elder gods and he rests a moment speaking with Death Dayrius before they prepare to face Sith himself. Freya has words with Mantorok trying to convince him that the price for his help is too high. However, before they’re finished talking Sith kills Mantorok from halfway across the galaxy, Mantorok still unknowingly bearing a mark of Sith.

Some of the the crew shadow shifts to Socorro with Dayrius to inspect the aftermath of Mantorok’s rampage there while others take the Turtle. On Socorro, they find the remains of the Captain and Mina believes she can rebuild him. They also find Seven, Eight’s brother, who shut himself down and locked himself in a closet to survive the zombies of Socorro. Before leaving Socorro Tryce and Kerlos learn that the Black Sand never did return with the children to the Academy.

Director’s Commentary “Now that they’re dead…”

Mantorok, Chattur’gha, Xel’lotath, and Ulyoath were all names taken from the video game Eternal Darkness. They are the names of the four lovecraftian Elder Gods of that game. C,X, and U each had a separate domain the Chattur’gha being raw physical strength. Xel’lotath was Sanity, and Ulyoath was Mystic. Mantorok was an undead god who influenced your characters across alternate dimensions to ensure that the other three obliterated each other.



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