Dark Corners of the Galaxy

The Horn of the First Rancor

Blood Sisters

Tryce trusting in his new holocron mentor allows the holocron to hook up to the ships com to send the coordinates of the pirate base to some…”friends”. The pirates claim not to know what happened to the Sullustan and the captured crew, so the gang looks elsewhere for clues. Most trails they follow seem to lead them to dead ends or fail to narrow their search by much. However, Freya goes aboard the Ambassadors ship and tries communicating with an old and sickly rancor there. Speaking with it, the Rancor claims it’s master, the matriarch is already dead. However the matriarch’s spirit is still fighting and the Rancor wishes to die so it’s spirit can fight alongside her as it is meant to do. Freya grants the Rancor it’s wish and follows the spirit, finding a labyrithine series of canyons and caves.

Going back to Dathomir the crew look for a good spot to enter the canyons as the ship is much too large to get through them. Along the way they find a Rancor trying to smash it’s way into the canyon for unknown reasons. Kerlos sedates the Rancor with some heavy stun blasts and they realize the Rancor’s child was stuck under a small rockslide in the canyon. They free the child and go on their way.

Arriving at a large cave chamber they find equipment which looks like it’s being used to try and knock down a door in the wall. Suddenly they’re ambushed by a large group of Sith. A frantic battle breaks out with the PCs suffering some heavy hits due to the Barabel’s Guard Break technique breaking through their defenses. Tryce almost dies in the attack but thankfully they manage to get the Life Web on him. He does suffer a permanant crippling injury. In the aftermath of the battle Freya tortures the Barabel for what he did to Tryce.

Party members without darkside points enter the chamber the Sith could not. Inside they find the spirit of the Matriarch who was keeping the Sith from entering. The chamber contains the Horn of the First Rancor. A bull Rancor who was bound to the first matriarch and from which all other Rancors are supposedly descended. It is a powerful force artifact that can call forth the ghosts of all the Rancors that have ever died to fight in battle.

The matriarch also tells them the story of how the Sullustan was actually her sister despite the matriarch being a Dathomiran Human. Their mother fell in love with an offworlder that came to Dathomir by mistake. She left the planet with him for a time during which the matriarch and her sister were born. The Anajl as opposed to her sister was trained to one day return to Dathomir and take her place as matriarch and was trusted with the location of the tribes sacred treasure, the horn. Her sister grew jealous and when they were older challenged her to a duel. Anajl defeated her sister, but unbeknownst to Anajl her sister managed to transfer her Force essence into an unborn child, a sullustan. Her sister then apparently spent a second lifetime plotting to take revenge on Anajl and take the horn for herself.

Anajl entrusts them with the horn as she goes on to become one with the Force. The group returns to the tribes to explain what happened, and are happy to learn that the tribes still wish to carry on Anajl’s dealings with the New Republic. As they are treated as honored guests commotion in the village draws everyone’s attention. A wild Rancor and her young have come into the village looking for a rider. Typically a rider will go out and find a Rancor and it is rare for a Rancor to enter a village and seek a rider instead. Everyone goes out into the village hoping to be chosen. As the Rancor gets closer the PCs recognize the mother and child they helped earlier. The mother points and roars at the PCs and the child approaches Kerlos, choosing him as it’s rider. The child will grow to be a might bull Rancor and the village cheers for Kerlos on this sacred occasion.



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