Dark Corners of the Galaxy

The Hunter in the Dark

Vampire Demon Monsters from Outer Space

The group finally decides to try investigating the hijacking of the Hirahi and Alopia mentioned quite some time ago. While they do manage to uncover some interesting facts, they find themselves ultimately no closer to finding those responsible for the attacks.

They also make a quick stop on Kasshyyk to recover the body of the Ember droid killed there and pick up some bizarre Life Day cargo.

While still uncertain if they can trust Kass, they go ahead and cautiously travel to the mystery planet in wild space. After waiting a good while they decide an ambush is unlikely and go ahead and land planetside. They dig up the grave of the deceased Kass mentioned to them and take it to the ship to study. Meanwhile the rest of them go into town and see what more they can learn.

In town they discover a blue marble statue that looks an awful lot like Mina. Further investigation of that indicates that the locals believe in a Goddess whose skin is the blue of the sky. She takes the souls of their people into the daytime sky where they live with her for eternity. Her name is Shivrona.

Looking further into the legends surrounding Shivrona they discover that about 150 years ago a Wroonian like Mina landed her and scammed the locals into worshiping her for about five years. After which she returned to the sky in her silver chariot taking with her a few chosen ones from among the people.

While tempted to take advantage of this, Captain Victus runs some scans on the corpse and tells them it was most likely an attack by an actual Anzat that’s been killing the locals every four months. At the site of the attack Freya is able to confirm this looking back in time through the Force.

Seeing as how Anzat is the next system closest to this part of wild space, the group decides to take a chance that’s where the attacker is based. Surface scans of Anzat make it appear as if the place is almost completely devoid of any life or active tech. Save for the automated TIEs that are set off by the ships scanners.

Tryce, finally able to take his X-wing out of the Cargo Bay dispatches the automated defenses before they even pose a serious threat to the group. On Anzat the PCs make the mistake of landing in the rundown docking bay the TIEs launched from. Then they make the even bigger mistake of following a feral Anzat into the warrens. The biggest mistake is probably not retreating from the warrens until about 8 or 9 ferals are surrounding them.

After a rather nasty fight with the ferals the group makes a tactical retreat back aboard the ships and find a safer docking bay to begin exploring what looks like a large palace from long ago.


Key, guys…I don’t intent to be a pain or anything, but if you’re going to use my character while I’m not there, I’d appreciate being asked in some form. A note… an RP log… an email. Even if you have to make the assumption that you can convince me and go ahead with it, it’d be nice to be told about it.

The Hunter in the Dark

That was my call as the GM to use any non present players as NPCs. However, I’ve gone ahead and edited the adventure log here and we’ll just say the Captain ran some basic med scans to get the info given to the players. Everyone please note, this change as what officially happened in the last session.

The Hunter in the Dark

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