Dark Corners of the Galaxy

The Last Anzat

The Mark Revealed

As Mina and the crew explore the palace on Anzat her resolve to kill the scourge of her people is strong. After a bit of random destruction the last Anzat finally calls them on the intercom and arranges for them to meet him in the dining hall. There his droids have prepared a feast and he invites them all to join him in one last meal before anyone has to die.

There he weakens Mina’s resolve as she learns he is the last of his kind the other Anzat having gone feral or hunted down by Anzat Hunters over the years. He only feeds on the people of Ttra’cale to keep himself and the legacy of his people alive, taking only what he needs to survive. They make it all the way to desert with Mina still unsure if she really wants to be responsible for the extinction of his people, when finally 8 decides he’s had enough talking.

Igniting his lightsabers 8 makes ready to finally kill the last Anzat. However, being an ancient and powerful being himself the Anzat impales one of 8’s hands by TKing a sword through it and destroying one of 8’s lightsabers. The Anzat levitates more swords about him as a defense while PCs quickly dive under the table, except for Mina who sits there with her desert spoon halfway to her mouth contemplating what to do.

Through a long fight the Anzat proves his mastery of TK with the group only landing a few minor blows against him. Finally, wearying of the fight as he has not feed on a strong being in some time, he drops a chunk of the ceiling down to cover his escape. The PCs give chase with three of them tripping over each other, however the other two are not fast enough to catch him and he escapes into some maintenance tunnels where he calls for the ferals to aid his escape.

Unable to find him the group settles on burning his palace to the ground, hijacking his ship, and setting up a warning system to let them know if any other ships leave the planet. They also drop off a hyperspace comm so that the people of Ttra’cale can contact Shivrona if he should return to bother them.

With all that settled they then head off to investigate Ando and Xel’lotath. Along the way Freya and Tryce experiment with the Swords of Hate once more, this time a bit more willingly. Using one of the swords they realize the dark force energy from the sword is being channeled somewhere…into Mina. Questioning Mina they discover that The Butcher somehow gave her The Mark of Xel’lotath and it feeds darkside energy to the Mark and onto Xel’lotath herself.

A little uneasy, they continue on to Ando nonetheless. Shortly after they arrive, while all the crew are still sleeping, Freya has a nightmare. In the nightmare the ship crashes into the waters of Ando and the water seeping onto the ship is almost immediately turning into ice encasing the crew. All except her and Mina who watch in horror as monsters desperately try to smash through the ice and onto the ship. Activating her Force of Will, Freya finally awakens to find the ship perfectly fine in orbit around Ando with Mina having had the same dream.


Wow, sounds like an intense session. I’m sorry I missed all of that.

The Last Anzat

I protest, they did not see Kerlos encased in a block of ice with the rest of the crew. They saw Kerlos jump into an escape pod and safely escape! ;)

The Last Anzat

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