Dark Corners of the Galaxy

The Midgard Serpant Awakes

The Witches of Dathomir

Before getting a chance to leave Vigirith STARS gets one more plea for help from the Republic. A village is claiming the Midgard Serpant has awoken and Ragnorok has come. Investigating the crew finds a centuries old Kadri Ra Jedi Master that was stranded on Vigirith after keep the sun from going supernova by absorbing energy off of it. This had the unfortunate side effect of cooling down Vigirith so much the Master Bahanas was forced into a hibernation due to his cold blooded nature. With the warmth now returned to the land he has been able to break his hibernation.

While he came to this planet originally to retire, the PCs convince him to come back into active service what with the end of the galaxy coming and all. He reluctantly agrees and with Mina’s help they fix his old ship back up and he makes his way to the Jedi Academy.

The crew takes a while to consider their next move and eventually agrees to look into the disappearance of a Dathomir ambassador. On Dathomir most of the crew goes on to talk with the tribes to find any info on possible enemies and leads leading to the missing matriarch while Tryce looks through the flight logs at the small New Republic outpost stationed in orbit.

On planet the PCs are given an amicable welcome by the Tribes as they let the girls do the talking and appear to be in charge. They are finding little evidence to suggest that anyone had any reason to want the matriarch dead or for the deal with the New Republic to go south. However, Tryce discovers that the astrogation info is considerably off for a ship that should have been jumping straight to Coruscant. Supposedly the info was feed into the matriarchs navcomp by her New Republic contact, a Sullustan diplomat.

Getting together the crew goes to investigate the bogus jump point only to have their trip cut short by an astroid field. They do find the matriarchs ship outside the field but badly battle damaged with the only life forms aboard appearing to be the Rancors. Before they can launch a full investigation into the ship the crew is ambushed by Pirates, likely the same ones that attacked the Matriarch’s ship.

Of course no one gets the better of Tryce Wash, ace pilot, and with some help from the rest of the group he makes short work of the uglies and their larger escort. The crew boards the larger transport wear Kerlos quashes their brief resistance with his deck sweeper and the crew learns that the pirates were asked to capture the matriarch for the Sullustan Diplomat.



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