Captain Zallia

Captain of the Starship Extreme.


Captain Zallia and the crew of the Starship Extreme are widely known across the galaxy in most havens of scum and villainy. Zallia and her crew are most known for broadcasting illegal wampa fights, poaching Ewoks to the point of supposed extinction1, winning the Twisted Transparisteel Competition five years running, and Zallia herself is an highly sought out exotic dancer thanks to a three month long Spice binge.

Zallia’s crew consists of two other humans, Guy and Kohdee, a wookie named Hagarrrrr, and Sunni the Squib. Carving out a niche for themselves in the criminal underworld they’ve managed to earn a combined bounty which rivals that of The Butcher of Montellian Serat. Rumors say they have long since earned more than enough credits to retire off of, while others say they’re biding their time looking for one last big score. Regardless of which is true the crew of the Starship Extreme has laid low the last few years and their absence has been felt on the black market.

1. While widely believed to be extinct, only the Zallia and the crew of the Starship Extreme know the truth. The last remaining Ewoks are being kept by Captain Zallia in an large habitrail as they are breed and harvested like animals for the extravagant prices their exceedingly rare pelts fetch on the black market.

Captain Zallia

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