Broad shouldered for a wookie, clad in green overalls.


While most wookies are tall and thin Hagarrrrr stands out a bit in being more broad shouldered than your typical wookie. He’s never seen without his signature green, one strapped overalls. Hagarrrrr is the main pilot and technician aboard the Starship Extreme as his way of paying off his life debt owed to Captain Zallia as she once helped him rescue his daughter from the criminal group known as The Mad Gears.

A one time Pro Galactic Wrestler, Hagarrrr retired from the Galactic Wrestling League and became mayor of Metrrrooarwww City on Kashyyyk. It was during his time as mayor that his daughter was kidnapped by The Mad Gears in an effort to put pressure on the mayor and control the city. Zallia and crew happened to be on Kashyyyk at the time and we’re looking to settle a score after being double crossed by The Mad Gears. Combining forces Zallia, Sunni, Kohdee, Guy and Hagarrrr took down The Mad Gears in what was later known as Hagarrrr’s Final Fight.


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