Kohdee McBrauler

Co pilot/second gunner of the Starship Extreme


Kohdee is the co pilot and sometimes second gunner of the Starship Extreme. Rarely seen in anything but a white shirt and blue jeans Kohdee is known as the slacker of the group. While a decent pilot and ship’s gunner, Hagarrr and Guy generally make him seem superfluous. On board he’s more often than not lazying around reading comics or watching holo vids. Many would question why Zallia would keep him around as he isn’t even good in a blaster fight. However, in the incident against The Mad Gears, Kohdee more than pulled his weight around in the many fist fights and beatings that broke out around that time. Kohdee’s true prowess lies in his ability to tear things apart with his hands, and break things with his face.

Also, Hagarrr’s daughter has a crush on him.

Kohdee McBrauler

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