Freya Odanadi

Jedi Librarian


Race: Human

Age: 24

Played by: Bryce Howard

Height: 5’4”

Description: Light build. Alabaster skin with white hair and cold, ice-blue eyes. She typically wears a grey, quilted tunic over a white bodysuit with black robes.

Background: Freya came to the Jedi Temple a few years ago and, after being briefly sequestered by the Council, has worked as a librarian in the Archives since then. She is quiet and keeps to herself tending the books and holocrons. The other students do not know much about her other than she was trained outside the Academy, however rumors that her master was insane or fell to the Dark Side, or that she is not a Jedi, continue to be whispered among them.

Known for being difficult or outright rude with those who come to her with demands rather than requests, some may question her place with the Jedi, but no one questions her dedication to the Archives.

Freya Odanadi

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