Erron Xandow

There is no Ignorance, only Knowledge.


Erron has been head of the Archives for the Jedi Order for about ten years, and worked there as an apprentice for three years prior to that before taking over for Master Odis Qhuin. While she still looks to be in her twenties some believe it is a trick of the Force as she is well into her 40s. Many of the students also wonder why the other Jedi Masters seem to avoid her, unless it involves library business. Perhaps it’s just the fact that no matter where she wonders her face is buried in a book or datapad. However, anyone that has business in the archives is treated to an extremely pleasant demeanor. Bringing up any type of literature, art, or history can also can draw her into an extended conversation. Small talk or business talk dealing with the Jedi or New Republic often see her being terse and uninterested.

Forgoing typical robes, Erron is always dressed in immaculate outfits more fitting to Coruscant nobles and politicians. Anyone to have the pleasure/misfortune to spar with her at the Academy has seen her curious purple beamed light whip and lightsaber catching gauntlet in action.

Erron Xandow

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