Odis Qhuin

With great knowledge, comes great responsibility.


For twenty years Odis was head of the Jedi Archives, before that he was a librarian for twenty years in the Coruscant archives, and before that he spent twenty years as a librarian on Ithor. During those times he claims to have read every book and file as well as studied the Holocrons contained within each library. When he came to the Jedi Archives he also brought with him many texts that were deemed illegal during the reign of Palpatine and thought to be destroyed. In all likely hood it is this extensive knowledge that saw him become the first alien to become head of the Jedi Academy.

Keeping to the pacifistic tendencies of his people Odis always felt that any enemy could be defeated without bloodshed through the proper application of knowledge. When the Emperor came to power as he was just a young man, Odis continued on in his belief and found and hid many texts the Emperor ordered to be destroyed. Odis knew that surely within those texts lied the power to defeat him and the Emperor was trying to keep anyone from finding out. It was through these texts that Odis began to realize his own latent Force abilities and did his best to hone them in secret.

Of course long before Odis could put into practice what he had learned the Rebel Alliance put an end to the Emperor. Undeterred Odis continued learning everything he could. When the Jedi Academy opened up he briefly considered joining right away, but felt there was nothing they could teach him he could not find in a book. It was not until years later as he was leaving the Coruscant Archives that he saw a young brash Jedi strike down a common blaster wielding thug did he change his mind about joining the Academy.

He joined not for what they could teach him, but for what he could teach them. In his time there while his main passion has been the upkeep of the Archives, he has also taught many Jedi non lethal techniques for subduing adversaries. Now in his current role as head of the Jedi Order he has made learning such techniques mandatory. He himself carries a stunsaber rather than a true lightsaber and there are a couple around the Academy that have seen his impressive sonic bellow technique shatter both weapons and armor.

Odis Qhuin

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