Stan Boliscon

Through the Force, all things are given a voice.


From the time he could hold a spanner, Stan could fix anything mechanical. He could hear the machines talking to him and telling him what was wrong. Growing up in the New Republic he heard enough stories to know he was probably Force sensitive and could join the Academy at any time. Still he’d figured he’d just as soon spend his life working in his dad’s garage fixing ships and droids as they came through Socorro, and given the traffic around Socorro there was always something that needed his help.

One day a Jedi came through in a ship in worse repair than any Stan had ever seen. Communing with the ship as he often did Stan realized that they had few recruits with any real technical expertise and most ships and droids around there were in a similar state. Refusing to allow any more ships to suffer the way this one did, Stan convinced the Jedi to take him back with him to the Academy. While Stan took the Academy training pretty serious he’s never tried to become a full fledged Jedi Master. Instead preferring to teach recruits that are interested in how to talk to their machines and properly maintain them as well as take charge of the upkeep of all the Academy’s ships and droids.

Stan Boliscon

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