Captain Fae Victus

His travels are the stuff of legends...


Captain Fae Victus has been around since the day of the Old Republic. His travels have taken him to almost every corner of the Galaxy interweaving his fate into the very fabric of history. Few knew his humble beginning at Victus Scrapyards, and even fewer know of the parts he has played throughout integral moments in the Galaxy at large.

Even before the emergence of the New Republic, Victus began making his fortune through independent contracting with the Rebel Alliance. After a few short years of running supplies for them in his Byblos 1-A he was able to upgrade to the massive Ghtroc freighter known as The Prodigal Turtle. The Turtle has been heavily modified over the years and while under normal circumstances many of his modifications would be deemed illegal by New Republic standards, he seems to have acquired clearances for them over 40 years ago with all the proper paper work being signed off by one Fin Nunb.

For a droid he seems to have a wide variety of contacts around the galaxy, not just in the New Republic but Caduceus Galactic, the Jedi Order, and several criminal organizations. Currently he and the Turtle are still running supplies for the New Republic as well as accepting the odd charter of player characters.

Captain Fae Victus

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