Zeth Darkstar

Codename : Flame Sniper


Zeth (Firstarter) Darkstar never did have the discipline to really master his Force potential. However, he did learn that by concentrating on a smaller scale he could eventually muster greater effects through the Force. In this manner he realized that by exciting just a few molecules or cells at a time he could cause objects and people to eventually spontaneously combust. Growing up poor on Nar Shadda Zeth was determined to use his gift to profit himself.

Not caring for the Hutts, he eventually hooked up with the Mad Gears and was quickly promoted to one of their top hitmen after a demonstration of his ability. Using his powers, the Mad Gears were able to put secret hits on anyone that crossed them Galaxy wide.

That was until he was stopped by STARS Alpha. After delivering Zeth to the Jedi Academy, Zeth was severed from the Force by Jedi Master Odis Qhuin . This severing will prevent Zeth from accessing the Force. Even should he eventually overcome this, anytime he uses the Force he will be in intense pain unless he has atoned for his actions and rid himself of the darkside.


Zeth Darkstar

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