Kerlos Goran


New Republic Ministry of Justice Tracsheet #783-X1138-4P

Name: Goran, Kerlos

Aliases: none known

Species: Human

Planet of Origin: Corellia

Age: 27

Height: 1.8 meters

Weight: 79 kilograms

Description: tall, slender build; light complexion; blue eyes; medium-length black hair, close-cropped facial hair; favors fancy, tailored clothing and expensive accessories

Criminal Occupation: black marketeer

Criminal Activities: Goran is a freelance buyer and seller of black market goods, operating across much of the known galaxy with no home base of operations. His speciality is trafficking in “historic memorabilia” rather than the usual black market items such as spice and illegal weapons, though he is known to have illegally acquired and sold contraband “historic” weapons such as Old Republic era lightsabers to collectors of Jedi and Sith memorabilia.

Charges and Specifications: illegal possession and distribution of contraband goods; illegal possession and distribution of stolen goods; possession and distribution of illegal goods; illegal possession of weapons; possession of illegal weapons; violation of customs and excise ordinances; aiding and abetting known smugglers and criminal organizations; flight to avoid prosecution; counterfeiting and criminal forgery; illegal transfer of funds

Known or Suspected Criminal Affiliations: numerous individual smugglers, several Hutt crime cartels, Caelli-Merced Syndicate, Galindas Exports (Tenloss Syndicate), Zann Consortium; not believed to be a member of any particular organization though

Violence Index: 20


Sorry, us criminal types prefer not to make that kind of information public.

Kerlos Goran

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