Artemis Vox

Male Jedi force healer and member of the Caduceus Galactic.


Artemis is slight of build with fair skin, long white-blonde hair, and green eyes. He wears a pair of silver spectacles even though he can see perfectly well without them. He will not elaborate on this beyond “they help me to focus”. He is not usually very outspoken, but is free with gentle smiles and his talents as a healer.


Artemis is rumoured to be from a colonial planet somewhere out in the boonies of space. Wherever he came from, he was desperate to be free of it; the young healer hitchhiked on whatever ships would take him until he wound up at the Jedi Academy. He speaks little, if at all, concerning his past, and most people who know him have learned to just not ask questions about it. His skills as a healer and his knowledge of diseases hint that he might have been a scientist or a doctor before his Jedi training.

Artemis has never used his last name. When prompted, he always requests to be referred to as “Artemis” or “Doctor Artemis”. He claims to have left his surname behind, along with his past.

Artemis Vox

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