Dark Corners of the Galaxy

On the Trail of Anzat
The Past Returns

Kerlos manages a meeting with the VP of The First Galactic Bank of Muunilist who was in charge of the Emperor’s vault at the time it would have turned to the bank’s property. Unfortunately the VP of a mega bank on Muunilist is not easily intimidated or persuaded by Kerlos. So on to plan B. Kerlos in investigating the VP noticed he would often have two call girls sent to his penthouse at night. It takes a lot of persuading but they finally get Freya to agree to go in with Mina and infiltrate his penthouse.

A quick fashion montage later Kerlos intercepts the regular call girls while Mina and Freya take their place. Despite how much Freya dreaded what this was going to entail it turned out that he wasn’t really interested in them. They were expected to simply keep themselves occupied for an hour or so to keep up appearances while he attended to his ahem true interests, which while cannot be described in graphic detail, do involve a lawn chair, a Jawa, and six milk bottles.

Despite having a complicated security system he had somehow chosen 12345 as his password and Mina had no trouble getting into his personal files and getting what they needed with Freya’s help. After returning to the ship and some merciless teasing from the crew, they left Muunilist behind to look into a recent news article from Ord Mantell that sounded like the Anzat could be involved.

Young girls were being killed and drained of all bodily fluid with mysterious puncture marks found on the corpses. Hurting his businesses a local Hutt crime boss was offering a $20,000 bounty to stop the serial killer. Looking into the deaths it seems less likely to be the work of the Anzat unless it’s some sort of sinister trap. Everyone is convinced it is some sort of obvious and sinister trap. This is further compounded when they realize that there is a very obvious order to where the girls are disappearing and where they are turning up. Heading to the next likely spot they realize many bounty hunters have figured this out as well.

Watching over the potential victims of which there were only four, Kerlos follows one which none of the bounty hunters seem to have any interest in. Through the Force he can tell the guy is subtly convincing them he’s not worth following. Calling in the others over the com they all converge to tail him to a lab on the outskirts of town. Still convinced this is an obvious trap despite my lack of a poker face at this point, eight checks the parking garage for bombs while Freya sets off an alarm and the others rush in to save the doomed girl.

Opening the door and immediately meeting the nondescript unarmed human who had yet to prove to any of them he was doing anything wrong, Kerlos immediately shoots the guy in the face killing him. Then they notice the passed out girl next to some sort of hideous half spider half human monstrosity many of them recognize as Alcina. Her corpse not having exploded in a wave of Dark Side energy James couldn’t bear to live without her so he brought her back with the use of a Sith artifact. But who knows why he was feeding her young women, no one got a chance to even say hello to the back story before he was SHOT IN THE FACE!!!

A quick fight follows yada yada yada, Alcina dead…again…they burn down the lab, Kerlos gets the girl…again, fade out, cue the John Williams and credits.

Director’s Commentary

I didn’t want anyone thinking the Muun guy was hiding that he was gay with the fake escorts, there is no word for what he is in the languages of man, alien, or sith. Besides which being gay is perfectly acceptable in the Star Wars universe .

The Apocalypse Can Wait

Another session in which seemingly little happens. Unable to decide on what to do while waiting for Eight’s confrontation with Thirteen, Freya attends to some personal business. First heading to Drog II they do a bit of shopping while Freya looks into the last known whereabouts of Touo Von Efron, known to his friends as Von Touo. Finding his last residence a burned out husk she then has them make a short trip in system to a small planetoid still owned by him. They find Von Touo’s heavily fortified getaway though his paranoia only allows for Freya to meet him on planet. There he gives her the coordinates for an unnamed planet not on any New Republic charts and the location of Lucien’s ship and databank, the one place she swore she’d never go back to.

Still having a lot of time until Eight’s confrontation, they decide to investigate Raxas Prime and the whereabouts of the missing Death Star Laser plans. On Raxas Mina and Tyr are both running around like kids in a candy store while the others fly around looking for any signs of Kamden or Kassada Paratus. When they find a large number of broken down Star Destroyers clumped together they begin to think something may be up. Investigating further they find Kassada Paratus deep in the corridors of one of the ships working on it. Plugging into a console and taking some readouts Tyr discovers this pile of junk is linked to form a massive robot that could crush Voltron under one of it’s feet. Kassada claims she is building it for what is too come, but is much to crazed and elusive to give them a straight answer. Wanting to do his part to help STARS Tyr chooses to stay with Kassada and help her finish her great work.

Finally it’s off to Muunilist to look into what became of the Emperor’s vault.

The Last Anzat Returns
Sort of...

Before the crew can leave the area outside the Maw, Mina and Tyr have to repair the hyperdrive. Before they’ve finished their task an alarm goes off in the ship. An alarm almost forgotten after it was created months ago. The Last Anzat has finally left his homeworld. Scrambling as fast as they can they get the hyperdrive up and running and head out to Tracale right away. On Tracale everything is peaceful and quiet however. Sending Tryce and EV-3 to scout out Anzat they can find no trace of Okani. Whereever he is, he is not yet ready to take his revenge.

Finding a young boy in the village gifted with the Force, Mina decides to offer him the chance of a lifetime. Go with her into the sky and learn to become a God. Chron readily takes her up on the offer and they take him to Yavin to learn the ways of the Jedi. On the trip there is plenty of time to analyze and study the haul of artifacts gained in the Maw. On Yavin they get the Council to lift the restrictions on how many artifacts STARS may have checked out now that they no longer have to eat at the kids table. Otherwise it was a very short and uneventful game session.

Into the Maw
Tying up loose Ends

As it turns out The Captain and Marquestra left a friend behind in the Maw. A friend they couldn’t bear to kill themselves but couldn’t allow to run loose in the galaxy. Dr. Hanz Zarkov, founder of the Zarkov Foundation for the Preservation of All Life. An entity from another dimension promised Zarkov to help him prevent anyone from ever dying again. At the cost of their immortal souls however. The entity was the Edge of Soul, a morphing weapon which fed on the souls of those it killed, soul energy being equivalent to a person’s Force energy. The Dr had lobotomized an entire Star Destroyer filled with people feeding the Soul Edge and helping it grow. They also brought back Dark Ascendant Nanites from the other dimension and were using them to transform people into disturbing creatures.

Not knowing all of this, the group agrees to help Dr. Zarkov after they’ve explored a Maw space station. Aboard the station they find a treasure trove of artifacts the Emperor had hidden including holocrons, light weapons, and forbidden texts. After several trips to the museum they finally get around to trying to help Dr. Zarkov. However, he’s run out of patience and has one of the ships giant snaking tentacles to extend a more personal invitation.

Eight and EV-3 go after Freya as she’s dragged to the ship. Meanwhile the others are being assaulted by a near infinite army of Dark Ascendants. Talking with Zarkov Mina agrees to fix his ship if he’ll stop attacking them. Of course on the extended slow flight over to the Star Destroyer Mina and Try reconfigure some weapons to deal ion energy which should work well against the strange biotech of the Star Destroyer.

As part of the crew works on “fixing” the Star Destroyer the others have a conversation with Zarkov which ends in Kerlos shooting him in the face and Eight spacing the Star Destroyer crew by knocking out the transparisteel window on the the bridge. Everyone makes a mad dash for the Turtle while coming under attack from the Star Destroyers remaining ihabitants. However, they make short work of any resistance and Tryce even slams a luggage carrier into a heavily armored brute.

At the docking bay Soul Edge has taken it’s physical fighting form, I.N.F.E.R.N.O. He offers them the chance to leave since they’ve done him a favor of both fixing the ship and ridding him of Zarkov, but they don’t wish to take the chance Mina’s sabotage doesn’t go as plan, despite the fact she rolls like a god when repairing.

So an intense fight breaks out with Inferno more than holding it’s own for several rounds and using it’s original programming to mimic the powers and fighting styles of the group. At least until Dr. Adrian drops a Force Point and goes all Killer Instinct on him. However even with Inferno down the nanites seem intent on bringing him back.

So they get into the Turtle Ion blast the hell out of the Eye of Sauron and push both the Star Destroyer and Space Station into a black hole. Thus ending one more loose end from my last campaign.

Planet Death!
I heart Rancors

So there was this fight with pirates, but they were all “Oh noes!” cause Tryce is all “PEW PEW!” and they landed and it was all misty silent hill like but with force ghosties shaping in the the fog and giant monsters roaming in the distance. They find the gravesite, but no one wants to look around much so they spend a day digging rubble when there was totally a whole in the ceiling the whole time they could’ve found if they just walked like twenty feet ahead. Then theres this dark nasty presence all Yoda’s tree cave like and they’re all “uh oh” but they don’t find nuthin’ then Mina finds a sith mark and is gonna purify it, but that wakes up the gaurdian who’s all “rawr!” and there all “ah shit”.

The bones of many long dead creatures adorn Boz Pity and from these bones a Sith Lord once forged a guardian to watch over his mark to feed on death. The bones come together to form a Skeletal Rancor. After realizing the Rancor was a overwhelmingly formidable opponent, Eight taps into the Force and pulls off some Force Unleashed shit! He Force pushes the Rancor to impale it’s skull on larger bones completely knocking it off it’s feet. They then proceed to hack to bits the poor prone Rancor Lich before he even got a chance to gnaw on someone.

Shortly after Dathomir witches arrive on Rancors themselves. They seem friendly enough and ask to help the PCs in cleansing the burial ground as well as wish to bury the Rancor Lich in a grave of his own kin. The elder helps Mina cleanse the grounds and a Force Ghost solidifies in the form of a Kitonak Jedi. He passes on to them his Chidinkalu of Calm after Dannel plays it for him one last time. Afterwards they part ways with the Dathomir witches, no one the wiser that I had completely forgotten to come up with names for my NPCs.

Back on Yavin Dannel, Eight, Mina, and Dr.Adrian? are all promoted to Jedi Knight as befitting Jedi of their power. Reuniting with Kerlos and Freya the group decides to see what’s going on at the Maw. Once there, they’re given the brush off by Caduceaus ordering them to leave. However the Captain, having been close friends with the head of Caduceaus years ago, demands an audience with Marquestra Vaughn. Being a strangely well connected droid, his demands are met. After a private meeting with Marquestra he contacts the crew to let them know they’re cleared to enter the Maw. He however, made a promise never to return there along with Marquestra. What they left behind in the Maw would best be left undisturbed, but he won’t stand in the way of the PCs seeking it out themselves.

The Trials to Come
Honor or Death Becareful Which you Choose

Eight heads off a little early to Yavin while the others do a bit of clean up on Coruscant. This includes Kerlos strong arming the New Republic with some pretty ridiculous demands. After their recent victories, Bob Tarkin is really not even in a position to ask Kerlos to roll for them. So not only do the PCs get their anti-Force gauntlets but a professionally built level 4 biohazard containment unit, some new credentials, as well as plenty of supplies.

On Yavin Eight and the Jedi contingent of the Ember Army convince Jedi Master Tarkis they would like to join the order. After the usual new recruits ceremony Eight also asks to undergo the trials to become a Jedi Knight. Having Mina and Dr. Vox also ready to take the trials Takis sends them on a pilgramage to Boz Pity. A massiver graveyard planet where once Jedi were interred. It had long since been desecrated by the Sith. Tarkis asked that they find the grave of the Jedi, pay their respects, and if possible recover any artifacts they might find.

On their way to Yavin however, the Doctor finally opens the package sent to him by Dr. Da’ryan of the Defel Eugenics and Viral Infection League. It of course explodes, shredding the doctor’s hazmat suit and infecting him with Galatea Guignol. Who would suspect that a prestigious member of D.E.V.I.L. would send the Doctor a booby trapped virus? Of course Dr. Da’ryan never counted on Dr. Vox being a Jedi with the power to Control Diseases. The others watch the doc on the ship but are pretty sure he purged it from his system after 48 hours of hyperspace.

Fall of the Forgotten

STARS along with Jensaarai and New Republic forces mounted an assault at last against The Forgotten on Coruscant. With Tryce joining Rogue Squadron acting as escorts, STARS managed to land their ships aboard the three Dreadnaughts thought to contain hostages. Once on board they made short work of any resistance until they found themselves face to face with Darth Revenant aboard Loki’s Poison.

Darth Revenant, proving his might, stripped them of their Jedi powers. Something stopped him from out right killing all of them. Ordering the rest to leave he wanted a word in private with Freya. Not feeling too confidant without their powers in full effect they complied and left Freya to face him on her own. Not knowing why, Revenant felt there was something familiar about Freya as if he knew her. Asking her name he’s taken back, having believed her to be dead twelve years ago. Taking off his helmet Freya too recognizes her little brother Tyr. Scarred and half burned by a fire that left each one thinking the other dead, Tyr survived and was raised by an Imperial war criminal hiding on their planet.

Fixing Tyr’s broken leg, Magni Oswal, admitted to Tyr he was a chief weapons designer working under Bevel Lemilisk during the days of the empire as well as a brilliant tactician. Magni not only fixed up Tyr’s leg but allowed the boy to stay with him on his ship teaching him all he knew about engineering and tactics. Tyr absorbed this knowledge like a sponge. However, Magni was an old man when Try met him and died just three years after rescuing him. Taking’s Magni’s ghtroc 480 and notes on weapons and tactics Tyr set out to avenge the death of his family and right the wrong the Republic had done to his people. All along Tyr’s plan was never to hurt anyone, unless they couldn’t survive under the conditions his people were made to endure, just scare the Republic and make sure they knew of what they had done.

Back to the story, Tyr and Freya have a joyous but brief reunion. Having realized the trouble he’d be in if ever caught and tried as a war criminal himself Tyr always had an escape plan ready. Utilizing a series of corridors with deactivated cameras he made his way to an escape pod and tossed all of Darth Revenant’s armor into an escape lock meanwhile escaping his own ship under the guise of a wounded Republic soldier. No one ever having seen Revenant out of his Sith Stalker armor, it would be near impossible for anyone to make the connection that the two were ever the same person.

The Coming Madness
No More Room in Hell

Speaking with Death Dayrius the group discovers the full extent of Mantorok’s plan. He has slowly been gathering energy over the years from the dead buried at the Judges. However, the amount he has been able to harvest from that is miniscule compared to what he needs to defeat Sith and his servants. So when enough dead are gathered he will rise them up as his own army of the dead and have them march across Socorro. The resultant deaths will provide Mantorok with sufficient energy to defeat Xel’lotath, Chattur’gha, and Sith. Should he survive, Dayrius will at last give Mantorok his death. Dayrius also gives 8 the holocron of Mantorok.

As Captain Victus approaches with a funeral procession to bury his nephew Tryce realizes he needs to warn the captain about the potential dangers of burying him here. At first the Captain thinks it’s some sort of joke, but Tryce convinces him it is a very real danger. While the Captain appreciates the warning he can’t break his promise to his nephew and one time second in command, Billy Ray. If it comes to it the Captain plans on being the one to put a blaster bolt between Billy’s eyes. He will however do his best to convince his contacts on Socorro not to bury in more dead in hopes of stalling the zombie apocalypse.

With Socorro safe, for the time being, the crew prepares at last for the massive task of facing the Forgotten at Coruscant.

Showdown on Socorro
Teamwork...what a concept.

Taking Claire and her Redblade of Ryloth, the crew heads for Socorro once again. The Jensaarai have promised some of their people will meet them there to help deal with the Reapers. On planet they also contact the last Reaper of Mantorok, Death Dayrius. Dayrius is understandably upset that they lost the swords and the other Reapers are on their way to kill Mantorok. He’s ready to kill the PCs to use their bodies to awaken Mantorok, but they convince him they will fight off the other Reapers and reclaim the swords before this happens. Dayrius trusts them and agrees to stand and fight with them as well.

As Mina sets up a perimeter of light to deal with the Reapers Shadow abilities, Tryce spends some time in “The Ol’ Girl” and waits to act as an early warning system. While he would prefer to just shoot them down in orbit, the Reapers knew of this plan from when Mina was still marked and made sure to stow away on a vessel full of “innocent” smugglers. Not wishing to paint ten bystanders on his X-Wing, Tryce simply gives the group fair warning as the Reapers arrive on planet.

Taking an idling swoop outside the docking bay Tryce makes his way as quickly as he can across the wastes as well. The Reapers do arrive first but can’t teleport as close as they would like due to Mina’s lighting. An epic battle ensues pitting the Reapers against STARS, the Jensaarai, and the last true Reaper. It is a hard fought battle, though short as most tend to be, and due to some impressive team work Kerlos delivers the killing blow to both Reaper Viros and Freya with the skiff’s newly equipped E-Web.

Luckily Viros added some protection from the blasts as he had TKed Mina to his back in hopes of hurting her to begin with. At the edge of death, Artemis however is able to bring Freya back. Their allies having engaged and defeated the other two Reapers, STARS wastes no time in interrogating Death Dayrius over what he knows about Mantorok.

Director’s Commentary

Originally the Reapers were going to be a group of Sith who instead of being Darth blah would be Death blah. The group name was from a DS game called The World Ends With You and I had thought to have three of them called Death Vader, Death Maul, and Death Sidious. However, as I changed their original purpose in the game I also came up with a less cheesy naming scheme. Instead Death Viros, Plagas, and Orus are actually named from the Resident Evil diseases. The T-Virus, Las Plagas, and the Oroborus Virus. Dayrius is named after the only known cure to the T-Virus from Resident Evil Outbreak, Daylight.

Nightmare in Mina's Head 3
The Dream Warriors

After a brief stop on Uvena Prime for the Captain to deliver late Life Day presents and catch up with his family, the crew finally takes it upon themselves to take action in dealing with Mina’s mark. Using her knowledge of horror holovids and her own nightmare experience Freya convinces the crew they should go inside Mina’s dreams and get all Wes Craven on the problem. Gathering together using telepathy and pooling their collective Force powers the crew goes in while Kerlos and Artemis try to keep Mina alive as Xel is desperately trying to take her down now.

Inside the dreamscape they are each confronted with their worst fears, though Xel had more trouble with some than others. On the outside Kerlos and Artemis are also being influenced by Xel to fall asleep themselves so she can draw them in. They resist for a long while until at last they too succumb to Xel’s nightmare world.

Unlike the first attempt with Freya however everyone realizes none of this is real and work together to combat the horrors locked in Mina’s mind. As they finally find Mina Xel begins to at last manifest and wraps her tentacles around Mina’s limbs in an effort to control her and prevent them from being able to slice them off as Freya did once before. Instead the group attacks as one with everyone shoving their lightsabers into the mark itself at once, removing the source of Xel’s hold over Mina.

Back in the waking world Mina is in a world of hurt but the doc manages to patch her up and they arrive on Yavin without further incident. While the captain wished to drop off his nephew on Yavin, the true purpose of the visit was known only to Freya who had secretly begun negotiations with the Jedi and Jensaarai for the reinstatement of STARS.

After some fanboyish squealing from Tryce over the presence of Rogue Squadron the crew has a sit down with the acting Jedi council and the head of the Jensaarai to discuss recent developments.


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