Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Kerlos' Seven
A plan just competant enough to work

The crew has Mina hack a bank system to make it appear as if Kerlos’ has the 500,000 credits he does not. Initially Xel gives Mina some trouble, but relying on her skills rather than the Force Mina still pulls it off. The crew, taking extraordinary precautions gets in, transfers the money, and gets out with no trouble.

The rest of the game is a hyperspace trip to the middle of nowhere while they all stand around discussing things that didn’t require me. I mean I could’ve just sat their playing my DS while they did their precious character interactions. But hey, I’m just the GM, not sure why they actually even needed me there. :P

The Reapers of Xel'lotath
The World Ends With You

While on Ando Kerlos sets up a meeting to see about acquiring a Sith Holocron an antiquities dealer supposedly has. While waiting for the meeting he goes off to have a good time at a Casino only to discover he’s being followed by a Reaper, Death Plagas. Contacting the group, they all head out at once to see if they can confront the Reaper. While tailing Kerlos’ tail, they realize they are being tailed by two other Reapers.

Attempting to distract one of them Tryce calls out to “Phil”, Death Orus. However, the Reapers don’t buy his attempt at a distraction and two of them Shadow Shift away, leaving Death Viros looking down upon the PCs from the rooftops. Asking him to come down to talk with them, they are surprised when Viros complies with their request.

Asking him why they are being followed he reveals that it was actually just a distraction to get them away from the ship. While they start a drawn out fight with Viros, Orus and Plagas have already Shadow Shifted to The Turtle to steal the Swords of Hate.

While they do manage to claim a few arms and Freya even manages to intercept the thieves, the Reapers of Xel’lotath are extremely powerful and outmatch the PCs to take the swords. They even let them know they intend to take the swords to the 5th Judge so that they can kill Mantorok in a weeks time. Only Freya is seriously injured in the fight, leaving her down an eye, but up one kickass battle scar. Being extremely averse to Bacta, Freya opts to deal with the lost eye.

Kerlos manages to grease a few wheels and get a complete list of ships on Ando at the moment in hopes that they may intercept the Reapers’ ship before it reaches Socorro and have Trcye blast them out of the sky, blindly hoping that none of the Reapers knows a damn thing about starship fighting, surely they can only be good at ground fighting…right? No one can be good at both, that’s crazy talk.

At Kerlos’ meeting they’re pretty sure the Holocron of Xel’lotath is authentic, but the dealer won’t let it go for less than 500,000 credits. Not having nearly that kind of cash the PCs begin to formulate a way of getting the holocron with out paying for it.

Kerlos’ Seven?

The Last Anzat
The Mark Revealed

As Mina and the crew explore the palace on Anzat her resolve to kill the scourge of her people is strong. After a bit of random destruction the last Anzat finally calls them on the intercom and arranges for them to meet him in the dining hall. There his droids have prepared a feast and he invites them all to join him in one last meal before anyone has to die.

There he weakens Mina’s resolve as she learns he is the last of his kind the other Anzat having gone feral or hunted down by Anzat Hunters over the years. He only feeds on the people of Ttra’cale to keep himself and the legacy of his people alive, taking only what he needs to survive. They make it all the way to desert with Mina still unsure if she really wants to be responsible for the extinction of his people, when finally 8 decides he’s had enough talking.

Igniting his lightsabers 8 makes ready to finally kill the last Anzat. However, being an ancient and powerful being himself the Anzat impales one of 8’s hands by TKing a sword through it and destroying one of 8’s lightsabers. The Anzat levitates more swords about him as a defense while PCs quickly dive under the table, except for Mina who sits there with her desert spoon halfway to her mouth contemplating what to do.

Through a long fight the Anzat proves his mastery of TK with the group only landing a few minor blows against him. Finally, wearying of the fight as he has not feed on a strong being in some time, he drops a chunk of the ceiling down to cover his escape. The PCs give chase with three of them tripping over each other, however the other two are not fast enough to catch him and he escapes into some maintenance tunnels where he calls for the ferals to aid his escape.

Unable to find him the group settles on burning his palace to the ground, hijacking his ship, and setting up a warning system to let them know if any other ships leave the planet. They also drop off a hyperspace comm so that the people of Ttra’cale can contact Shivrona if he should return to bother them.

With all that settled they then head off to investigate Ando and Xel’lotath. Along the way Freya and Tryce experiment with the Swords of Hate once more, this time a bit more willingly. Using one of the swords they realize the dark force energy from the sword is being channeled somewhere…into Mina. Questioning Mina they discover that The Butcher somehow gave her The Mark of Xel’lotath and it feeds darkside energy to the Mark and onto Xel’lotath herself.

A little uneasy, they continue on to Ando nonetheless. Shortly after they arrive, while all the crew are still sleeping, Freya has a nightmare. In the nightmare the ship crashes into the waters of Ando and the water seeping onto the ship is almost immediately turning into ice encasing the crew. All except her and Mina who watch in horror as monsters desperately try to smash through the ice and onto the ship. Activating her Force of Will, Freya finally awakens to find the ship perfectly fine in orbit around Ando with Mina having had the same dream.

The Hunter in the Dark
Vampire Demon Monsters from Outer Space

The group finally decides to try investigating the hijacking of the Hirahi and Alopia mentioned quite some time ago. While they do manage to uncover some interesting facts, they find themselves ultimately no closer to finding those responsible for the attacks.

They also make a quick stop on Kasshyyk to recover the body of the Ember droid killed there and pick up some bizarre Life Day cargo.

While still uncertain if they can trust Kass, they go ahead and cautiously travel to the mystery planet in wild space. After waiting a good while they decide an ambush is unlikely and go ahead and land planetside. They dig up the grave of the deceased Kass mentioned to them and take it to the ship to study. Meanwhile the rest of them go into town and see what more they can learn.

In town they discover a blue marble statue that looks an awful lot like Mina. Further investigation of that indicates that the locals believe in a Goddess whose skin is the blue of the sky. She takes the souls of their people into the daytime sky where they live with her for eternity. Her name is Shivrona.

Looking further into the legends surrounding Shivrona they discover that about 150 years ago a Wroonian like Mina landed her and scammed the locals into worshiping her for about five years. After which she returned to the sky in her silver chariot taking with her a few chosen ones from among the people.

While tempted to take advantage of this, Captain Victus runs some scans on the corpse and tells them it was most likely an attack by an actual Anzat that’s been killing the locals every four months. At the site of the attack Freya is able to confirm this looking back in time through the Force.

Seeing as how Anzat is the next system closest to this part of wild space, the group decides to take a chance that’s where the attacker is based. Surface scans of Anzat make it appear as if the place is almost completely devoid of any life or active tech. Save for the automated TIEs that are set off by the ships scanners.

Tryce, finally able to take his X-wing out of the Cargo Bay dispatches the automated defenses before they even pose a serious threat to the group. On Anzat the PCs make the mistake of landing in the rundown docking bay the TIEs launched from. Then they make the even bigger mistake of following a feral Anzat into the warrens. The biggest mistake is probably not retreating from the warrens until about 8 or 9 ferals are surrounding them.

After a rather nasty fight with the ferals the group makes a tactical retreat back aboard the ships and find a safer docking bay to begin exploring what looks like a large palace from long ago.

Family Business
Freya is a total bitch.

Taking their data from the Gonk droid test they convince Gazuld that they can not only stop this but change the signal to burn out the chip in every droid seeing the broadcast. Gazuld is more than willing to trust them and let them go aboard the satellite space station to make the necessary changes. After some bad noise with a Republic Star Destroyer hunting 8 and Freya they finally board the satellite to do their job. However, once there a large magnetic grapple comes down from the ceiling to abscond with 8 so 9 can have a little chat with him.

They then discover the regular crew of the satellite has been replaced with a crew of Jawa Droids made by 8’s brothers. Though in the aftermath no one bothered to question or mention to Gazuld. Anyway, the Jawas prove to be little match for the crew and are dispatched in no time. Closer to the control room they find 5 with a squadron of 10 Jawas. These ten Jawas however, are his special Jawa Force 10 and can merge to create Jawa Prime. Jawa Prime stands 10 feet tall obscuring the corridor so 5 can smash the control room and try to make his escape. Unfortunately while his eye beam attack manages to knock out Tryce, Jawa Prime realistically lasts no longer than the separate squad did.

Still 5 manages to blast open a lift tube shaft and make good his escape while the others go to check on 8. As it turns out in a heart to heart duel with 9, 8 finds out he doesn’t really want to work for 13. In the end 8 allows 9 to leave telling him to stay away from 13 for now and he’ll take care of him later. 9 turns the ships guns on 8 but just blasts the ceiling above, him…just cause he’s a dick.

With everyone’s help Mina manages to bring the Satellite back online and their alternate broadcast signal works as predicted. With the Droid Apocalypse averted they start to talk about what their next move may be. Before a decision can be reached Freya starts up a conversation with the ship’s comm tech, Krad. They talk a lot about the Trevore Virus and what’s been going on lately with that in the news. During their talk Freya muses about their own Dr. Artemis Vox and the one mentioned in the paper, leading the Defel to at last realize who he’d been working with all this time. Having done all the damage she can do there, Freya moves on to sparring with Tryce and having a long and interesting conversation with him as well.

The Dr. comes in on the conversation having finally figured out how to make working cybernetic eyes for Krad. The doc’s good mood is quickly broken as Krad goes into a rage, feeling as if he’d been used this whole time and by an Arahn no less. If not worked up into such a frenzy perhaps he’d be a bit more receptive to what the doc had to say, but given the circumstances he opts to leave the Turtle instead.

The doc then goes to see Freya who is still in the middle of trying to seduce Tryce to the…gray side. When they’re done the Doc and Freya finally have it out. Had they both been female it would have been a cat fight of epic proportions. Instead the Doc finally says what everyone else has been thinking, “You’re a bitch!”

He then proceeds to hit a girl in the back of the head, take two darkside points, lose his hand and stun saber, darkside rage, and regrow some gnarled fingers before finally being incapacitated by the would be moral compass of the party, 8 the killbot designed by Darth Vader. This folks, is the train wreck all reality shows wait for and we’re not even likely halfway through the campaign. Awesome.

The 5th Judge
The time is not right.

Saying their goodbyes to The Gundark on Nal Hutta, the crew takes off for Socorro and Neftali to try and find Fon Sloan, the Snivvian selling lightsabers to Sith posers as well as trying to stop the transmission the believe will be sent out from Neftali to initiate a galaxy wide droid rebellion. As the newly dubbed Turtle Recall makes planet fall on Socorro a large and noticeable earthquake starts up. Unsure of what it means the PCs continue about their business hitting some of the shopping districts as well as looking for info on Fon.

Finding out he has an office in Tiranga’s Loft, Kerlos sets up a meeting with the Snivvian. However, late that day they hear rumors that a 5th judge has appeared and was the cause of the earthquake. The learn that there have been four 50m monoliths in the desert called the Judges of the Dead for as long as anyone has been on Socorro. Today with the arrival of the earthquake and perhaps connected with some of the cargo carried by the Turtle a 5th Judge rose up out of the desert.

The people of Socorro gathered around it in huge crowds wishing to pay homage to what they consider some sort of a miracle. With the crowds of people it was difficult for Dannel to find any markings on the Judge even with 8 running crowd control. However, Mina managed to spot within the crowd and robed figure with a skull face. As he turned to leave the crowd Freya followed after him.

Talking with him she learned he is in fact the last of The Reapers, a group of Jedi that once dedicated themselves to ending the lives of Sith and others that prolonged their life through unnatural means. She also learns that the other Reapers were corrupted by Xel’lotath and now serve her dark purposes. The Reaper informs Freya that they should get the Swords of Hate off of Socorro to avoid waking Mantorok before his time. The Reaper then steps into the shadow of one of the other Judges and as the shadows wrap around him he disappears. Before Freya can rejoin her friends a figure clad in Jensaarai armor approaches her. The figure pauses for a moment to look at her and simply states, “Almost there,” before fading away entirely as she continues to walk.

Back in Socorro Kerlos meets with Fon and they decide to go into business together. Kerlos will have his people such as Tryce and Mina, clean up, recharge, and refurbish Fon’s lightsabers to make them worth even more. In exchange Fon is going to give them 30% of the profits from selling them. To try and get Fon to give up more info on where he gets his supply Kerlos sets up another meeting in a few days to see more of his merchandise.

During those two days 8 decides to set out about Socorro to see if he can find any naturally occurring lightsaber crystals on planet. He invites Freya along and before he knows it most of the party is coming along for the ride due to the enormous dangers this undertaking presents. Hiring a guide they go to an inactive lava tube which 8 speculates should contain some crystals.

Thankfully their guide was able to help them avoid the numerous dangers of the Socorro wastes, though he refused to travel with them into the lava tubes. Inside the caverns they find a large hot spring with an outcropping covered in dark crystals at it’s center. A troubling tussle with a trio of Tra’cors later and 8 makes it to the outcropping. A few other party members follow him over and manage to locate a small number of smokey grey and black crystals perfect for lightsabers. Mina even manages to outfit her saber with a dual switch which allows her to switch her blade between blue and grey.

Later at their meeting with Sloan, they discover he was lucky enough to find a crashed ship belonging to an old Mandalorian Jedi Hunter. Sloan only has about another ten sabers before he’ll run out of stock and have to find a new supply, though he has plenty of other black market operations to keep him in business.

The crew then goes out and buys a Gonk droid to test their theory that there may be a signal in one of the commercials for the Swoop races that’s causing the droids to rebel. Despite the precautions they take they are pleased to find out their right as the Gonk droid tries to kill them by arching out lots of energy. No one realizing that disabling his motivators may stop him from moving, but he’s still got enough juice in him to damn near power a ship. With this info they hope to convince Sadoon Kauldi to stop the transmission from going out.

Darkside Rave!
Introducing the Nouveau Sith

The party comes up with a brilliant plan to get Mina attacked a second time by Jack now that he has a taste for her. Little do they realize one of their own was contacted telepathically by Jack and agreed to betray Mina and hand her over, nor do they realize the conditions of this deal. Mina and Freya go to an abandoned doll factory in the old industrial sector of Nar Shadda to meet with Jack. With the delivery of Mina Jack gives Freya the name of the planet where she can find Xel’lotath.

While Jack is eager to feed on Mina’s Force essence, Mina stands up to him and pulls out her lightsaber to defend herself while waiting for the rest of STARS to arrive. Mina does a great job of surviving Jack’s assault, but is wearing down quickly with the others still far off. As Jack tries to disarm Mina with telekinesis she decides she’s had enough. Tapping into her anger Mina opens herself up to the darkside using it to heal herself and fight back, giving Jack a taste of his own medicine.

The rest of STARS finally arrives and Jack, fully prepared for it this time, activates a dozen droid dolls to keep the party busy. As 8 attacks the first of the dolls they realize the dolls are also fitted with explosives. However, Mina lashes out with the Force once again, this time convincing the dolls to all shut down. Jack realizing he cannot defeat all of them, settles for the small victory he has already obtained. He feints another lightsaber strike towards Mina and as she tries to defend herself he runs himself through on her lightsaber, whispering his final words to her before the darkside takes him and he disappears in a burst of red energy.

With Jack defeated the party turns in 8’s video of the fight to claim the bounty on him. They then turn their attention to The Gundark’s mention of Sith Punks on Nal Hutta. No one realizes however that by punks he really means just a bunch of teenage punks looking all goth and pretending they’re all D4rKs1D3. Locating a group of them in a bar, they follow one of them, Gary, back to his apartment where he lives with his mom. Waiting outside his apartment they then follow a group of them to a rave that night. While Mina gets her groove on, Freya interrogates Gary while Kerlos “pumps” Mandii for info about their Sith gang. Finding out their leader calls himself Darth Talon and where they meet the party decides this little game of theirs is over.

In the parking lot of the gang’s hangout 8 can contain his anger at the way the good name of the darkside has been tainted by these punks and takes it out on the luxury speeders parked out front. The alarm set off by Talon’s ride alerts the gang and they all come out to see the commotion. Talon is pissed off because “no fucks up his ride” and his dad is probably going to kill him. After scaring the piss out of the underlings, literally in some cases, the remaining three “darths” try to take on the party in the most pathetic lightsaber fight since the star wars kid .

In seconds Darth Talon, Darth Morbius, and Darth Awesome are all disarmed. Having a very persuasive chat with Talon, Kerlos convinces him that they are with the real Sith and the Sith don’t appreciate what his little gang is doing out here without their permission and without kicking back up to the top. Kerlos gets Talon to give him the name of his lightsaber supplier and makes sure he knows they’ll be back to check up on them and they’ll be expecting a cut from their operations.

Fallen STARS
On the Trail of Repulsor-Heeled Jack

After the incident with Freya Odanadi and the Swords of Hate, Artemis Vox submits a strongly worded letter to the Jedi Council calling for disciplinary action against Freya. This along with the reports and resignation of Kass from STARS Alpha causes the New Republic to pull their support of the STARS project. Due to many problems within the group the Jedi Council also seems to agree that perhaps the best course of action is to disband STARS. They also agree that Freya’s methods were excessive to the point of endangering those around her and dismiss her from the Jedi Academy. Strangely, Freya is elated by the news.

Feeling that what they’ve been working towards still has merit and should not be abandoned, the remaining members of STARS Alpha seem determined to stay together and continue their work even without the backing of any of their previous employers. Captain Fae Victus being a well traveled droid, in more ways than one, mentions that he’d be happy to continue to chart them across the galaxy now that his contract with the New Republic is up.

The crew makes a brief stop on Endor to hold a funeral for 8’s brother 6. While there the Captain and Tryce meet up with Kerlos Goran, a possible new crew member. Kerlos will be acting as a go between to set up a meeting for the crew with some potential buyers for the Swords of Hate, in an attempt to flush out some Sith and possible enemies because you can never have too many enemies.

Kerlos also agrees to help Captain Victus to unload his cargo hold of spice on Nar Shadda and get a decent price for it. On Nar Shadda the rest of the crew begin investigating the reports of The Butcher . Examining the site of the last attack Artemis notices they’re being watched by a cloaked figure on the rooftops. Believing it to possibly be their serial killer Freya sneaks off to try and confront him while Mina creates a distraction by loudly talking about the poop she previously stepped in.

Freya sneaks right up on their stalker without being noticed, and startles him. The mysterious figure does not quite match the description of The Butcher but instead appears to be a heavily modified VLTD droid. The droid immediately pulls out four lightsabers with it’s four arms and cuts a hole in the roof of the poorly constructed building to run from her. As everyone gives chase only 8 is able to keep up with the runaway droid. Realizing that perhaps this droid could be his lost brother 4 and afraid of him, he calls out to let him know which brother he actually is.

After a conversation with 4 they discover he is the one behind the rumors of The Gundark . It turns out that he at least knew of some of their basic plans before they turned against him and tried to kill him. It also turns out that what was left of him was found and restored by a very skilled mechanic who helps him to try and protect those that need help on Nal Hutta, and now Nar Shadda.

Joining forces with the vigilante and their new black market contact, Kerlos, the crew forms a patrol plan to try and catch Repulsor-Heeled Jack. After two nights they finally get lucky and rush to the screams of a Chadra-Fan nearby. Unfortunately the Chadra-Fan is not so lucky and they arrive too late to stop him from taking himself a new nose. As the PCs all converge on Jack he decides the odds are not in his favor and makes an escape jumping up and grabbing on to a low flying spaceship, but not before he got a taste for Mina.

A Plan Crazy Enough to Work
And some hot droid on droid action

Uniting with STARS Bravo , STARS Alpha fly in their ships to the Vigil Droid Logistics building. Using some well placed starship firepower, they completely eliminate the walls of the sixth floor in order to bring the captured STARS aboard. In the process Alpha team also manages to capture a Jawa Droid and reprogram it as CH-3F, the ships’ cook. Trying to further sabotage the Droid Rebellion they send in an audio recording to implicate Vigil Droid Logistics for the rebellions on Corellia and Telos IV.

The next day however, 8s brothers have sent in a doctored video to accompany the audio which seems to implicate 8 as the sole conspirator of the rebellion. STARS alpha also learns that they have small outstanding bounties in the Corporate Sector as a result of their actions. 8 however, has a massive 100,000 credit bounty extending well outside the Corporate Sector. Seeing the video the Republic demands 8 be returned for immediate deactivation. Eventually an undoctored version of the video is turned in to the Republic so that they can clearly see that 8’s brothers are responsible.

The group makes a brief stop on Kasshhyyyk to investigate a missing MBR droid similar to the one destroyed by one of 8’s brothers some time ago. Delving deeper into the past of this droid they discover that he was one of roughly a thousand MBR droids built in five year intervals starting about 45 years ago. On their way to the Jedi Academy to question M-BR-GE3 there, Freya Odanadi decides to test both Tryce and the Sword of Hate.

Using 8’s method of training Tryce’s only warning is “Defend Yourself!” before she starts swinging at him. Freya does not of course realize the Sword is activated by physical combat and it begins to try to take hold of her. No one else realizes that the sword gains more power the more people who oppose it, as they all begin to jump in to try and defend Tryce. By the end Freya was possessed by the sword for all of perhaps 15 seconds, though it would be difficult to near impossible to know this since NO ONE made a sense roll. It’s probably also worth noting that no one was injured in this fight, though Freya took a nasty stun saber hit to her face courtesy of Artemis. However, the entire ordeal caused a large argument to erupt within STARS Alpha then end result of which may not really be felt until the the next game session.

It does also cause Kass to resign from STARS to return to New Republic Astrogation and Survey Team . Putting the unpleasantness aside they all go to attend an initiation ceremony for the new Jedi showing up at the Academy. As the ceremony gets underway they notice a starship land at the main temple docking bay. Moments later Tryce gets a fevered messaged from Captain Fae Victus that one of 8’s brothers just showed up and may be heading for the library. Wasting no time they rush to the library to find Ember and VLTD-6 engaged in a lightsaber duel. STARS all pitch in and help Ember to take down 6. In doing so they learn the code 6 was after all along was a programming code allowing droids to wield the Force. Ember also at last feels he can trust STARS to let them in on his strange past and that of his 860 brothers still in operation.

Organization XIII
The Planet of Brotherly Love

Using the info gathered at the Danuta Monastery the PCs head to Bimmissari to pick up Tryce and intercept the ghost ship. Shortly after the the ship arrives in system the salvage crews landing craft is seen unsteadily making it’s way towards the planet. Hailing the landing craft the messages received sound to be Bomarr chants demanding a surrender of the flesh. Playing things overly cautious, the crew of the Turtle decide not to shoot it down right away. Instead they have Shoma, the Bomarr apprentice, piss off the monks and almost cause the craft to crash into a small village. Surveying the wreckage they see three Spider Monks crawling out wearing bits and pieces of the salvage crew. Opening up with the ships Quad Laser Cannon Tryce makes short work of the crazed monks.

Calling in a local New Republic cruiser for help they disable the Dreadnaught’s hyperdrive. However, doing so causes it’s automated defenses to go off and it sends out a swarm of attack drone. Between the Turtle and the New Rupublic cruiser the outdated fighter drones don’t last long.

Landing in the ship’s docking bay the party is treated to a horrific scene of gore with blood and intestines decorating the ship. “Give us your flesh” is written in dried blood all about the ship in various languages. However, with sensor scans picking up two life forms STARS bravely sets about looking for the survivors. As they make their way through the ships corridors following the life form readings, a blast door drops down out of nowhere separating the party. With Kass, 8, and Freya on one side and Mina, Tryce, Dannel, and Artemis on the other. As Mina tries to get the door open and Kass shots the door controls, Artemis runs straight at the Omega Bomarr coming down the corridor at them. Omega Bomarr is the conglomeration of about six spider bodies and multiple brains daisy-chained to form a massive flesh stripper of doom.

Artemis channels the Force through him as he does a 3 point lightsaber combo against the Omega Bomarr almost felling the feral conglomomonk on his own. A little further down the corridor they find Ooris, an Ugnuaght from the Shifting Light, hiding in the vents and take him with them. Heading for the other lifeform in the medic bay they find the doors sealed with two monks trying to get in. Taking care of the monks they then use lightsabers to open the door to find the last remaining survivor of the crew, Maison, a human male. Interestingly enough there’s a dead monk walker in the medic bay with Maison, and his head is bandaged. Knowing a set up when they see one, the pcs stun the ever living fuck out of Maison to let the modern Bomarrs decide to do with the body thieving brain.

Blasting the remains of The Purgatory into scrap, STAR Alpha decide to lend a helping hand to STARS Bravo on Vigil. While Captain Victus goes to visit with a Sabacc droid ex of his, STARS sets about trying to find any trace of STARS Bravo. Little realizing that security scanners over the entire planet were made to alert Organization XIII anytime one of their numbers arrived on planet. With no visits expected from their brothers, IX goes to investigate, discovering to his own surprise their long lost brother 8. Trailing Freya, 8, and Kass discretely he manages to find out Bravo’s plan for a jail break that night and alerts V to be on the look out for any other suspicious organics that may show up to the factory.

Sure enough on cue, Artemis and Dannel show up posing as Caduceus personnel tracking a dangerous infection. Of course their story doesn’t hold up as the medic droid on staff can find no traces of any type of disease. Artemis and Dannel, leave without the Bravo member they hoped to be able to free, but with at least info on where he’s being kept. Of course neither of them notice V trailing them either, but err on the side of caution as they go to rendevous with the group.

While Tryce finally spots V following Dannel and Artemis, still IX remains hidden, observing 8 who is observing V, who then waves to 8 to let him know they know he’s there. As 8 makes his way to the rooftop V is on, IX finally makes his presence known. He tries to convince 8 to join their side, but 8 is unconvinced. Dismayed, IX and V both try to at least discourage him from standing against them and forcing them to fight him least he end up like 4.

At least knowing now that they are expected to make a break in that night the group brainstorms furiously to come up with a plan so unexpected and uncanny it will completely catch 8’s brothers off guard.


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