Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Dark Days Are Coming
Always in Motion is the Future

Sending Tryce off with Caduceus Galactic to work through some of his arachnid problems, the group decides to look into the death of Auron Voss . Once on Wayland they decide to see if they can turn up any clues at Auron’s apartment. Noticing the door already open the group goes in with caution. Seeing two strangely armor clad individuals already ransacking the apartment Kassatiebbel shouts, “New Republic Security, Freeze!” Not waiting for the strangers to comply or resist, VLTD 8 immediately opens fire on them only to have his blaster shot deflected by a lightsaber.

Then ensuing fight leaves V8 with his head lopped off and half of the group unconcious from telekinetic boots to the head. The larger fully armored of the two takes a special interest in Freya Odanadi and absconds with her to the rooftop for a few words. Seeming to know Freya he hands over Auron Voss’ personal datapad after briefly chastising her over the way her friends greeted him. After assuring her they were not the ones to kill Auron he and his companion leave the group battered, bruised, and literally broken.

Of particular interest in the datapad was Voss’ final entry before his death.

”. Speaking with the Masters, I know it is not my own immanent demise that has caused the limitations of my visions. It is difficult to pinpoint, but for some reason it appears that in roughly one year there will be a disruption in the Force greater than any our galaxy has ever faced. I fear even the destruction of Aldaraan will pale in comparison for what is to come. An unspeakable evil born of the Dark Side. But why can I not see it clearly? Four planets, the dark side flowing from them, into nothingness? The Force carries me to the place where they meet, but when I get there….

I do not understand this vision, but it frightens me beyond anything I have ever known. I don’t know that whoever is coming for me is actually strong enough to defeat me, or if my own fears cause me to hold back so that I do not live to see this future.

Dark Day Are Coming.”

Finding no conclusive evidence as to who killed Voss or why, they take Voss’ final words to the Jedi Council to ask them some questions. It is revealed that Odis Qhuin has had similar visions to Voss, but is uncertain thus far as to their exact meaning. While the Jedi Council and a few high ranking New Republic officials know of this they, like the PCs, are working in the dark. During the meeting Freya also asks about the mysterious individuals in armor, but Master Odis refused to tell her anything beyond, “They are not Jedi, they are not Sith.” This stirs up an argument between Erron Xandow and Master Odis in Ithorian which upsets Erron and she storms out of the meeting.

Unsettled and finding themselves no closer to the truth the party decides to hop back in the the Mystery Machine to find out more about the ghost ship . Tracking down the remaining crew of the Shifting Light they listen to the recording that was played when the crew hailed the ship. While Dannel Jakonos is unable to translate it Artemis’ new freind, Krad is able to recognize the communications array on the ghost ship must’ve gone bad. After cleaning it up a bit Dannel is able to translate it as a Bo’marr chant. Knowing that a Bo’marr monastery is on the same planet the ship appeared the PCs head there to see what the local monks can tell them about the message.

Bo’marr master Tirric tells them it is not a chant he has ever heard before, but that it translates to, “Rejoice Brothers and Bring us your Shame.” While removing outside distractions by placing one’s brain in a nutrient jar is a time honored Bo’marr method of enlightenment, in the olden days mistakes were made as to who was ready for this procedure. Often times the brain would go mad, screaming for days on end. These unlucky brains were known as the Shame of the Bo’marr, and were apparently set about The Purgatory so as not to distract others seeking enlightnement. Searching the monastery the group finds an old forgotten chamber housing a non functioning tracking computer Mina gets up and running. The computer tells them that The Purgatory is still in the process of making it’s rounds to Bo’marr monasteries and they should be able to intercept it at it’s next stop.

The Crown of Xel'lotath
Trapped in the Madness of the Dark

After delivering Zeth to the Jedi on Yavin the group heads off to investigate a botched assassination attempt on Raltiir. On Raltiir they uncover what could be a far larger and stranger plot than the attempted theft of some New Republic security codes. The party is led to believe that one of VLTD 8’s is responsible for destroying the governor’s M-BR-GE3 droid. This droid resembling, Ember, seems to be part of a larger set of ten droids ordered for several New Republic officials roughly 30 years ago. Stranger still is the fact that all these droids were ordered with upgrades both to their internal servo’s and their memory units. 8’s supposed brother absconded with the memory unit to this MBR droid and it is unknown how he either got on or off planet.

After an extensive investigation with no leads as to the location of 8’s brother the group decides to look into the communications blackout on Kessel. Once there they realize that all the miner’s and other personnel on Kessel have been dragged off into the mines by the Energy Spiders that dwell deep within. Figuring out that the spiders are being controlled by a dark jedi, possibly under the influence of a Sith artifact, they rescue the miners and attack the their captor. The dark jedi is Alcina Sutherland, and after a rough battle Artemis manages to cut her in two with his lightsaber. Calling for an emergency pick up of the half crazed Miner’s the party take Alcina’s Spider Crown and once again head out for parts unknown.

The S.T.A.R.S Align
Burning in the Flames of his Hatred

After the recovery of the missing artifacts from Ulyoath the PCs are asked to attend a meeting. The New Republic along with The Jedi Order are forming a joint venture to look into possible Sith activity in the Outer Rim territories. They’re “asking” for “volunteers” in what is more or less an offer the PCs can’t really refuse if they with to keep playing. Along with NPCs brought along they have enough to form two groups for the Sith Threat Assessment and Research Squad, now known as S.T.A.R.S. Alpha and S.T.A.R.S. Bravo.

After dropping off artifacts at the Jedi Order STARS Alpha decides to look into recent news of spontaneous combustion on Tattoine. On planet they visit the business owned by the latest victim only to discover his wife, an Arcona, strung out on salt and lamenting her loss. Talking with her they easily figure out the Mad Gears are likely responsible for Viktor’s sudden immolation.

Going to the only Cantina on all of Tattoine they soon observe several members of the gang. However, unable to follow the Gears on foot the PCs drop some credits with the bar tender to get info on the man they’re looking for, Zeth “Firestarter” Darkstar. After Mina refits their arctic cargo skiff for the desert play set, they set out beyond the Dune Sea.

Seeking out the old Bo’marr Monastery that once served as Jabba’s palace, the PCs find the headquarters of the Mad Gears. Not wishing to be overwhelmed by the wretched hive of scum and villainy, they stake out the vehicle bay to look for Zeth. Artemis spots a large enclosed speeder making it’s way out towards Anchorhead. The party gives chase in their own skiff, but Tryce is unable to convincingly “fly casual”.

Realizing they’re being followed, the Mad Gears turn around to bring their guns to bear on STARS Alpha. Still their gunnery skills are no match for Tryce in anything with an engine. As they dodge past the Gears, Mina manages to damage the engines on the enemy vehicle while VLTD 8 slams himself full force into the door. While he manages to break down the door, he himself goes tumbling down into the sand.

Kassatiebbel manages to blast a Gear as he sticks his head out of the speeder and he falls out with a wilhelm scream. 8 eventually manages to get into the Gear speeder while the others continue to circle them and trade blaster bolts. In the ensuing fire fight Freya Odanadi manages to expertly deflect a blaster bolt aimed right at her, moments before 8 shoots the controls to cause the other speeder to crash before Zeth fries anymore of his circuits with his Force Flare.

With their remaining forces now on the desert floor, Tryce tries to buzz an enemy and pin him with the repulsorlifts, but instead almost kills the poor thug as he rams the skiff right into the Gears’ head. After a few more stun blasts and stun saber swipes the group takes down the last of the Gears. After a hot and exhausting day they send the main group of Gears they’ve captured to a New Republic prison and head off with Zeth to the Jedi Academy.

Echoes of Ulyoath
Their last moments of pain, frozen by the winds.

During their time in quarantine, poring over some of the texts recovered from the Emperor’s private collection, Freya and Dannel discover two artifacts were taken to a place called Ulyoath Prime. Not recognizing Ulyoath as a planet on any star charts they find out that it’s name was changed to Tanavis Prime as it’s name and location were originally lost and then rediscovered.

In a completely unpredictable and surprising coincidence, Kass is being sent on a mission to rescue two fellow frontiersmen potentially lost on the very same planet. With the New Republic Astrogation and Survey Team low on resources they have no readily available ship that can land safely due to the planet’s turbulent storms. However, Commander Krayt Skiplen of NRAST, has enlisted the help of Captain Fae Victus and The Prodigal Turtle to get his men off Tanavis. Putting aside his dislike for the Jedi, Kass agrees to take the mission for the sake of his fellow frontiersmen.

Time being of the essence, R5 has Mina upgrade the ship’s hyperdrive systems. Mina being the crack mechanic she is, has the hyperdrive up to specs in no time. After gathering cold weather supplies, the crew is off.

Above Tanavis, strange starship and lifeform readings have Kass confused. Attributing it to the large amounts of interference in the atmosphere Tryce cautiously begins their descent. In atmo, they discover the strange readings are being given off by Metanoks, large metallic mynocks abandoned on this planet by the Zebes Research scientists that created them more than half a century ago. While Mina and Kass help out as much as they can, it’s Tryce’s Rogue Squadron level flying abilities that evade their would be pursuers and keep the Turtle afloat.

Planetside, the crew manage to find the crashed ship with one of the frontiersmen already dead. The other has left a vocoder indicating that he would try and set up a base camp at some buildings they managed to scan 30 clicks to the North before they crashed. Following his trail they find themselves at Aretak Prison. A place the Emperor used long ago to keep political prisoners and potential Force users out of sight. A place where those imprisoned were tortured until death showing no discrimination for age, species, or gender.

Without a large enough landing site at the prison they have to take their modified cold weather cargo skiff slowly up a narrow and treacherous ridge up to the prison. Along the way they literally run into the ghost of a young girl, as Tryce is unable to stop on time. Looking back it seems they have some how managed to miss the girl, even VLTD-8 who leaped out of the skiff to try and save her. Freya gets off the skiff and approaches the young girl who is now huddling scared on the side of the ridge. Only Tryce actually realizes the girl is actually floating off the side of the ridge and manages to warn Freya before she falls off the ridge. Angry that they see through her illusions to try and hurt them the little girl tells them they’re all going to die before disappearing.

Exploring the smaller of the two buildings upon the clifftop, they find little more than a rundown power shed and a couple of crates of very rare and expensive wines. Inside the prison they find obvious signs of a prison riot gone horribly awry. Old corpses well preserved by the cold show signs of the violent ends met by the Imperial guards of the prison by the hands of the prisoners. Within they also find another Force Apparition that attempts to strangle them with it’s spilled out intestines. Lightsabers seem to disrupt it’s ability to manifest and V-8 striking at it’s body seems to cause it to completely dissipate.

However, its presence can still be felt tied to its corpse in an interrogation room. Communing with its Force presence, Freya seems to uncover some very disturbing facts. The corpse asks them to take it with them, knowing that they’re heading for the courtyard and the boxes that can disconnect it from the Dark Side. Being no stranger to cadavers, Artemis picks up the corpse and takes it with them.

On their way to the courtyard they have yet another encounter with a blind spectral bride who believes Kass is her husband. While Tryce goes half deaf with a Force Scream to the face, Dannel makes short work of her with a quick lightsaber slash, saving Kass from being dragged off to her “love nest”.

Finally out in the courtyard they find the missing scout, Nerrid, half mad from hiding from Force Apparitions. Luckily the solitary confinement boxes the prison kept outside are actually made from Mandalorian Steel and were perfect for keeping the ghosts out. Also in the courtyard Artemis manages to find a hidden control panel on the fountain. Mina managing to fix anything that’s broken, restores power and the fountain splits in two revealing a large underground tunnel.

The bottom opens up to an massive cavern with large double doors at one end. The cavern is split into three separate execution grounds where people were either burned, crushed, or drowned. There is also a pedestal with an ancient stone tablet written in ancient Sith and the Dagger of Ulyoath. The dagger not being a sharp weapon but a large blunt instrument carved from black stone appears to fit in a slot in the doors and act as a key. Written in Ancient Sith on the tablet Dannel translates the following passage aloud.

_One to burned, In the fires of your hatred. One to be crushed, With the might of your wrath. One to be drowned, In Fear and Sorrow lasting eternity. Only then will the wind call my name, and the path to darkness will open._

The recitation of the passages angers the spirits of those long ago sacrificed to this mad ritual. They come together to reanimate one of each of the corpses in the three sacrificial areas of fire, earth, and water. Before the battle gets out of hand, Freya tries to reason with the spirits and see what they can do to lay them all to rest. All three reanimated corpses point to the dagger and V-8 runs it upstairs to the boxes. With the source of their pain now cut off from the Force, they are all at last able to rest in peace.

As the PCs quickly make their way out of the cavern with the stone tablet something stirs and rocks the earth as the wind picks up outside. Grabbing Nerrin and the boxes with the ship’s grappling winch as quickly as they can the PCs leave Tanavis behind them, no one daring to wonder what lies down that unopened path into darkness.

The Ruins of Lusankya
A series of convoluted events

On Coruscant Kass is ordered by the New Republic Frontiersmen to scout out the slums for the old entrances to Lusankya, a Super Star Destroyer/Prison that lifted off from Coruscant almost fifty years ago. Given the general lawlessness of the slums under the cities of Coruscant VLTD-8 is assigned to escort Kass through the underground. 8 easily manages to scare off a couple Rodian muggers and they arrive at their destination without incident. There Kass finds an old unpowered rusted shut door to the Lusankya as well as some small vents into the area, too small for him or 8 to fit through. Taking some pictures and note he returns to HQ to report his findings.

Meanwhile The Prodigal Turtle is making ready to land at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. Tryce Wash is summoned from the cargo bay where he work on his vintage T-65 by Captain Fae Victus. As they make their approach to docking bay 94, a flock of birds being hunted by a brith , enter their path. Tryce’s quick reflexes prevent The Turtle from sustaining any damage.

Victus tells Wash to keep an eye on the ship and unloading while he goes to visit an old friend in the archives. Back at the archives a heated book debate between Freya Odanadi and Dannel Jakanoss is interrupted by Ember, the archives protocol droid, that their presence is requested. It turns out that their expertise is needed as scouts have uncovered a new Temple in the swamps. Mina is also brought along as a water pump used to uncover the temple has broken down.

At the temple Dannel is completely oblivious to the ancient Sith runes that might possibly help him figure out how to open the entrance to the temple. Freya on the other hands knows not to rely on what she sees. Stretching out with the Force she feels a locking mechanism inside the wall itself. A simple but effective lock if you wish to keep out non Force users. TKing the mechanism she opens the door and the two venture into the ruins. As it turns out the place looks to have long ago been cleared out. All they manage to find besides empty pedestals is an old broken data pad.

Mina fixes up the old data pad and it turns out that seventy years ago the Emperor had the ruins cleared out and the artifacts and texts taken to his private collection on Coruscant. Wanting to prevent them from possibly falling into the wrong hands the Jedi Council charter The Turtle to send Dannel and Freya to Coruscant right away. The Turtle is being uncooperative, but with a little coaxing from Mina is able to once again get airborne. Captain Victus offers her a job right then and to the GMs relief she accepts.

On Coruscant everyone is finally brought together, including Artemis from Caduceus Galactic , for a quick briefing by head of New Republic Security Ranvey Ut’onos . Commander Ut’onos lets them know that recently they suspect there’s been some black market dealings in Sith artifacts in the Coruscant slums and they would like them to track down whoever is doing this if possible.

Kass reluctantly agrees to escort them there. Tryce and Artemis use their lightsabers to slowly make an entrance after Mina mistakenly drops down the blast door. Inside most of the area is blocked off by more collapsed corridors. However, there are a trio of old spider security droids around the corner. Sending 8 to scout things out the droids caution him to turn back as he is not authorized to be in this area. Pretending to leave, 8 turns around only to turn back swinging his lightsaber at the droid.

While having a lot of trouble with the old heavily armored droids, after three bursts from their heavy repeating blasters, the droids batteries wear out and they shut down for good. Within the available rooms they find some of the missing artifacts as well as a young Trandoshan thief. Diving for the vents the little Trandoshan gets away from them and they hear a crash coming from another room.

It seems as though in his haste the boy broke a container of green fluid Artemis identifies as the Krytos Virus . While Artemis puts in a call to Caduceus, Kass puts one of his newly requisitioned probe droids to good use tracking down the thief. Following the probe droids signal they go up a couple levels to find some vague tracks leading to a local pawn shop. Inside they confront the shop keeper, who doesn’t take to kindly to their kind. As expected a brawl ensues during which Tryce bravely defends a proton torpedo tube for his T-65 only to mistakenly slash it in two with his own lightsaber. Working together the group take out about half of the elder Trandoshan’s gang and convince the other half to surrender after taking out the Barabel muscle.

They find the young boy sitting around playing a game rather than washing up and Artemis once again calls Caduceus for a quarantine crew for the shop. While in quarantine the party takes the time to interrogate the shop owner, but cannot manage to get any decent leads on who he may have sold the missing artifacts to.


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