Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Justice at Last
Guest starring Samus the Arahn

Largely the session is taken up by discussions of, “what should we do next.” Finally it’s decided to help the Doc go into hiding with Caduceaus at Shadowstar Station on Xolu. On the station the group splits up and looks around for any suspicious individuals, wary of a trap. Kerlos narrowly avoids hitting on the Doc’s mother and spots a Ranat information broker looking for them. Bullying the little Ranat, Tryce almost kills the poor thing by shoving it with the Force. Taking it to the ship they find out it was hired by an Arahn woman to look for them and leave a datapad at the drop point the next day.

They go to the drop point and the Doc gets in touch with the woman, discovering it is in fact his mother. Going back to her suite to talk, the Doc is captured when her dual personality of Samus the bounty hunter takes over. The others try to stop her but the stun trapped door takes out most of the group as they smash through. The others actually listen to her plan before anyone gets hurt…further and agree that perhaps it’s best to let her take the Doc in hopes of making peace between the Arahn and Defel.

Leaving the Galaxy
Death of the Anzat

On the way to stop Ember from leaving the galaxy with a ship full of Jedi children, Mina and Artemis finally put the Captain back together. He’s actually really not happy to be back, having lost most everyone dear to him on Socorro and now learning his nephew may be leaving the galaxy with his former best friend. Getting there they discover that only about 10 teenagers are going with Ember and that he has a sensible plan that of turning back depending on how things go. The Captain is still pissed at Ember for being a coward, but being that his nephew and the others are looking at as more of a once in a life time chance for exploration, he’s willing to let them go without a fight. No one else seems to have a good argument against this either.

They also learn that Chron supposedly took the ship back to Yavin with the rest of the children. A little investigating reveals that he instead took a detour back to his home planet to face the Anzat himself. Getting there as fast as they can still isn’t quite fast enough. The Anzat has beaten them there and has bombarded large parts of the village already. They find him in the town square with Chron impaled and pinned down by four swords, doing his best to still rage against the Anzat, with the Anzat feeding off the resultant darkside energy.

The battle is fierce with the Anzat’s mastery of telekinesis having grown stronger since their last fight. Kerlos has to stun Chron in the face to stop the Anzat from feeding off of him. The Anzat finally makes a fatal mistake when he tries to feed off of Mina much like the Butcher. Mina taps into her own darkside, grabs and severs his proboscis, and shoves her lightsaber up his nose instead.

Challenging Nature and Reason

On Socorro 8 finally has his climactic meeting with 13. However, what should have been a 10 second battle ending in the death of 8 instead becomes a meeting in which 8 convinces 13 to hold off on his plans for galactic domination. 13 decides to see how the apocalypse goes and plans on taking over in the ensuing chaos. Not entirely trusting his own brothers when 8 asks for them to chose sides he allows 2,3, and 5 to stay with STARS keeping his more loyal brothers 10,11, and 12.

Moments after 13 leaves, 12’s pet project Nemesis, shows up on the hunt for STARS. Almost killing Mina in a surprise rocket launcher strike a battle ensues between him and STARS. Each time a limb is removed it seems to be replaced by a larger and nastier one making Nemesis stronger with each hit. After an impressive cleave by 8 Nemesis becomes a large biomass lump still intent on their deaths. Finally realizing it’s not going to be that easy the crew collapses the colliseum on Nemesis and makes a break for the spaceport with Nemesis on their tail become larger as he absorbs dead bodies he rolls over on the streets of Socorro. At the spaceport the crew grabs a tow ship, tractor beams Nemesis, and sets it on auto pilot for the sun, at last ridding themselves of one of my favorite Resident Evil inventions.

The day before this bizarre encounter they received word that Dannel Jackonos died on the Chiss homeworld looking into an artifact called the thousand year puzzle. Going there to pick up his body they believe he is actually in some sort of hibernation trance mimicking death. As it turns out Dannel is trapped by the puzzle which was used by some ancient alien culture as a prison of sorts, in fact the actual translation Dannel finds out too late for the artifact is the thousand year prison. Freya manages to trap her own conciousness in with him by mistake and the two of them discover that Dannel’s parents are also trapped in there as well, Dannel having believed them dead years before.

Meanwhile, at the Museum the others are looking at the exhibits and studying the Shard of Sith. During their visit they run into an older couple that bear a striking resemblance to Dannel. Though talking with them they seem to not recognize his name. Kerlos, being the scoundrel he is, notices they aren’t actually there looking at the exhibits but are casing the joint…much like he probably was as well. He and Tryce make a plan to wait for them to show up looking for the thousand year puzzle in the room Dannel was inspecting it.

Back at the prison/puzzle Vox finds he is able to manipulate the trapped Force spirits back to their bodies using similar techniques he used to “cure” his madness. Dannel contacts his parents within the prison and lets them know he’ll be back for them soon. Back in their own bodies, and unfortunately not switched around they begin to talk about what they’ll do about Dannel’s parents.

That night at the museum Kerlos and Tryce spring their trap on the thieves, who while generally competent thieves, don’t usually deal with Jedi Mall Cops. They are knocked unconcious in seconds and surprisingly on stunned in the face. Taking the crooks to the others to discuss what’s to be done with them Dannel identifies them as his missing/dead parents. As it turns out the two spirits inhabiting his parents were the last two prisoners of the box and when his parents “solved” the puzzle they were released into those bodies though still for a few days in state of hibernation and had to dig their way out of their own graves later. Since then they’ve be living it up across the galaxy and amassing a small fortune which they try to bribe Dannel with. That was a mistake. Dannel, in his rush to get his parents back in their rightful bodies and angered by the attempted bribe, dissipates the thieves Force essences essentially killing them and joining the Dark Side point club.

After a reserved but tender reunion with his parents the crew now getting quite substantial with the additions of Death Dayrious, 2,3,5, and the Doctors Jackonos, heads of to pick up some holocrons on Yavin and see about Ember leaving with a ship full of young Jedi.

Director’s Commentary

While it doesn’t often come up I do name most villains in the campaign and the fake Doctors Jakonos were Jesse and James named after the Team Rocket villains from Pokemon, who themselves are of course named after the famed outlaw. Also the thousand year puzzle is actually an artifact from the Yugioh series actually known as the Millenium Puzzle. Within the puzzle box even on the show is an MC escher like labyrinth which is actually a portrayal of the users soul, though people can become trapped and lost in there for centuries much like the Pharoah on the show. The reason it doesn’t seem to correspond to any known culture in the Star Wars universe is because of it’s egyptian origins and it is in fact from our own universe and somehow made it into theirs. Dun dun duuuuuun!

Oh and the guy that stole the puzzle box from Dannel’s father Eon Jolt, Jolteon, another Pokemon! Bwahahahahaha!

The Battle for Yavin
Dark Days are Here

The Jedi’s first priority is to get the children and new recruits untrained for combat through the blockade and off planet. Three Embers, one each in the Turtle, the Precipice, and the Black Sand will pilot them out of there with Tryce and Shadow Squadron punching them a hole in the blockade. However, as Jedi everywhere prepare for the battle by trying to get up certain powers like Battle Meditation they can feel the presence of Chattur’gha blocking them from doing so.

Astaroth, the leader of the Silver Mandalores, calls out Master Otis for a one on one “honorable” duel claiming the will leave the Academy if he will face him. Of course his real motivation for doing so is to destroy the one person he believes is capable of shattering their armor, not realizing Otis lost this ability in his last encounter with them. While Astaroth could not have killed Master Otis in a duel, neither could Otis bring down someone in full Madalore platemail, and finally allowed Astaroth to kill him. Becoming one with The Force Otis negated Chattur’ghas’ presence and used his Battle Meditation to strengthen the Jedi.

Rushing into battle Kerlos and Mina point out the Kamikaze stun grenade Mandolores and Jedi begin pulling pins and TKing them around before they can detonate. Some do get through but the amount is severely minimalized by their actions. Bakuras and Eight rush straight for Astaroth taking out Mandalores along the way. However, in a two on one fight with Astaroth they seem to have much the same trouble as Otis did getting through his armor.

Kerlos, going against his usual nature, mans an E-Web with deadly profeciency puncturing through their armor. The Doctor doing and impression of The Flash manages to get many unconcious Jedi out of harms way. Mina grabs a thermal detonator, and doesn’t really know where to go from there. Freya joins the battle after ensuring the children are safely aboard the ships and grabbing their artifact from the Turtle. Otis’ voice tells Freya to put their staff into the ground and his Force ghost grabs hold of it and sends the plant life around the battlefield surging and growing to entangle the Mandalores.

Tryce and the Shadow Squadron get the drop on the Mandalore ships surprising them with his X’wing launching from the Turtle and the Shadow Squad coming from behind and not appearing on radar. A few salvos of Proton torpedoes and they’ve managed to punch through the blockade. With a couple of the Mandalore ships crashing down around them Bakuras and Freya managed to take one of the massive assault ships and bring it crashing down on Astaroth.

In the aftermath of the battle with the last remaining Mandalores surrendering, Astaroth bursts out of the rubble at last. He manages to stand up and spit up some blood before finally collapsing dead.

At this point Chattur’gha bursts out of the ground through a lava flow, with Xel’lothath showing up from a geyser as well. They have come to find the one that woke Sith early and at last bring about the end of the Jedi. Freya steps forth boldly proclaiming credit for waking Sith and then proceeds to unleash a verbal assault on the two ancient Sith Lords that could crush her with a thought. BALLS!!!

This does cause them to question their own motivations and as they contemplate betraying Sith, Mantorok shadow shifts onto Yavin wielding a dozen black lightsabers in his hands. Corkscrewing at Chattur’gha through the air he takes off as Xel’lotath chases after the two of them. The clash between the three is the stuff of legends with Chattur’gha running along the length of Mantorok’s body trying to dodge sabers and fight while Mantorok snaps his jaws at Xel’lotath’s tentacles whipping about him. At last Mantorok defeats the two elder gods and he rests a moment speaking with Death Dayrius before they prepare to face Sith himself. Freya has words with Mantorok trying to convince him that the price for his help is too high. However, before they’re finished talking Sith kills Mantorok from halfway across the galaxy, Mantorok still unknowingly bearing a mark of Sith.

Some of the the crew shadow shifts to Socorro with Dayrius to inspect the aftermath of Mantorok’s rampage there while others take the Turtle. On Socorro, they find the remains of the Captain and Mina believes she can rebuild him. They also find Seven, Eight’s brother, who shut himself down and locked himself in a closet to survive the zombies of Socorro. Before leaving Socorro Tryce and Kerlos learn that the Black Sand never did return with the children to the Academy.

Director’s Commentary “Now that they’re dead…”

Mantorok, Chattur’gha, Xel’lotath, and Ulyoath were all names taken from the video game Eternal Darkness. They are the names of the four lovecraftian Elder Gods of that game. C,X, and U each had a separate domain the Chattur’gha being raw physical strength. Xel’lotath was Sanity, and Ulyoath was Mystic. Mantorok was an undead god who influenced your characters across alternate dimensions to ensure that the other three obliterated each other.

Sith Stirs
Into the Mouth of Madness

Eight has a brilliant idea of getting some Ysalimarri to help with his confrontation against Thirteen. After flashing their credentials and sweet talking the New Republic they manage to get on planet so they can smuggle a few off.

While on planet Freya follows up on a hunch and asks the science station to do some scans below the surface of the planet. They find that there is a strange pocket of air beneath the surface, but other than a volcano there is no connection to whatever may be down there. The crew instead decide find a cave that will at least take them below the surface of the world and past the Force negating influence of the Ysalamari. Tryce manages to waken a den of Vonskr’s but otherwise the hike into the cave system is without incident until they get past the influence of the native creatures of Myrkr.

The Darkside presence is so strong and pervasive, Tryce and Vox have no choice but to stay behind. As they go deeper Mina finds she cannot continue to face it as well. Kerlos, Eight, and Freya make it as far as they feel they can go without actually reaching the end and Freya decides to use Farseeing to see the end of the cave. As she does this the presence reaches out to their minds and takes over their bodies, or at least partially. Forcing them to put blasters and sabers trained on one another to kill each other. Eight and Kerlos retreat finally leaving Freya to put her lightsaber to her own head. However, she sees the end of the cave and see’s it as a dead end. Turning off Farseeing the presence at last relinquishes control of her and they get the hell out of Dodge.

After smuggling their illegal cargo past the New Republic, they head off back to Yavin to immediately report in on what they’ve learned. In the middle of their meeting with the Jedi Council alarms begin to go off. The Silver Mandalores have brought an invasion force to Yavin.

On the Trail of Anzat
The Past Returns

Kerlos manages a meeting with the VP of The First Galactic Bank of Muunilist who was in charge of the Emperor’s vault at the time it would have turned to the bank’s property. Unfortunately the VP of a mega bank on Muunilist is not easily intimidated or persuaded by Kerlos. So on to plan B. Kerlos in investigating the VP noticed he would often have two call girls sent to his penthouse at night. It takes a lot of persuading but they finally get Freya to agree to go in with Mina and infiltrate his penthouse.

A quick fashion montage later Kerlos intercepts the regular call girls while Mina and Freya take their place. Despite how much Freya dreaded what this was going to entail it turned out that he wasn’t really interested in them. They were expected to simply keep themselves occupied for an hour or so to keep up appearances while he attended to his ahem true interests, which while cannot be described in graphic detail, do involve a lawn chair, a Jawa, and six milk bottles.

Despite having a complicated security system he had somehow chosen 12345 as his password and Mina had no trouble getting into his personal files and getting what they needed with Freya’s help. After returning to the ship and some merciless teasing from the crew, they left Muunilist behind to look into a recent news article from Ord Mantell that sounded like the Anzat could be involved.

Young girls were being killed and drained of all bodily fluid with mysterious puncture marks found on the corpses. Hurting his businesses a local Hutt crime boss was offering a $20,000 bounty to stop the serial killer. Looking into the deaths it seems less likely to be the work of the Anzat unless it’s some sort of sinister trap. Everyone is convinced it is some sort of obvious and sinister trap. This is further compounded when they realize that there is a very obvious order to where the girls are disappearing and where they are turning up. Heading to the next likely spot they realize many bounty hunters have figured this out as well.

Watching over the potential victims of which there were only four, Kerlos follows one which none of the bounty hunters seem to have any interest in. Through the Force he can tell the guy is subtly convincing them he’s not worth following. Calling in the others over the com they all converge to tail him to a lab on the outskirts of town. Still convinced this is an obvious trap despite my lack of a poker face at this point, eight checks the parking garage for bombs while Freya sets off an alarm and the others rush in to save the doomed girl.

Opening the door and immediately meeting the nondescript unarmed human who had yet to prove to any of them he was doing anything wrong, Kerlos immediately shoots the guy in the face killing him. Then they notice the passed out girl next to some sort of hideous half spider half human monstrosity many of them recognize as Alcina. Her corpse not having exploded in a wave of Dark Side energy James couldn’t bear to live without her so he brought her back with the use of a Sith artifact. But who knows why he was feeding her young women, no one got a chance to even say hello to the back story before he was SHOT IN THE FACE!!!

A quick fight follows yada yada yada, Alcina dead…again…they burn down the lab, Kerlos gets the girl…again, fade out, cue the John Williams and credits.

Director’s Commentary

I didn’t want anyone thinking the Muun guy was hiding that he was gay with the fake escorts, there is no word for what he is in the languages of man, alien, or sith. Besides which being gay is perfectly acceptable in the Star Wars universe .

The Apocalypse Can Wait

Another session in which seemingly little happens. Unable to decide on what to do while waiting for Eight’s confrontation with Thirteen, Freya attends to some personal business. First heading to Drog II they do a bit of shopping while Freya looks into the last known whereabouts of Touo Von Efron, known to his friends as Von Touo. Finding his last residence a burned out husk she then has them make a short trip in system to a small planetoid still owned by him. They find Von Touo’s heavily fortified getaway though his paranoia only allows for Freya to meet him on planet. There he gives her the coordinates for an unnamed planet not on any New Republic charts and the location of Lucien’s ship and databank, the one place she swore she’d never go back to.

Still having a lot of time until Eight’s confrontation, they decide to investigate Raxas Prime and the whereabouts of the missing Death Star Laser plans. On Raxas Mina and Tyr are both running around like kids in a candy store while the others fly around looking for any signs of Kamden or Kassada Paratus. When they find a large number of broken down Star Destroyers clumped together they begin to think something may be up. Investigating further they find Kassada Paratus deep in the corridors of one of the ships working on it. Plugging into a console and taking some readouts Tyr discovers this pile of junk is linked to form a massive robot that could crush Voltron under one of it’s feet. Kassada claims she is building it for what is too come, but is much to crazed and elusive to give them a straight answer. Wanting to do his part to help STARS Tyr chooses to stay with Kassada and help her finish her great work.

Finally it’s off to Muunilist to look into what became of the Emperor’s vault.

The Last Anzat Returns
Sort of...

Before the crew can leave the area outside the Maw, Mina and Tyr have to repair the hyperdrive. Before they’ve finished their task an alarm goes off in the ship. An alarm almost forgotten after it was created months ago. The Last Anzat has finally left his homeworld. Scrambling as fast as they can they get the hyperdrive up and running and head out to Tracale right away. On Tracale everything is peaceful and quiet however. Sending Tryce and EV-3 to scout out Anzat they can find no trace of Okani. Whereever he is, he is not yet ready to take his revenge.

Finding a young boy in the village gifted with the Force, Mina decides to offer him the chance of a lifetime. Go with her into the sky and learn to become a God. Chron readily takes her up on the offer and they take him to Yavin to learn the ways of the Jedi. On the trip there is plenty of time to analyze and study the haul of artifacts gained in the Maw. On Yavin they get the Council to lift the restrictions on how many artifacts STARS may have checked out now that they no longer have to eat at the kids table. Otherwise it was a very short and uneventful game session.

Into the Maw
Tying up loose Ends

As it turns out The Captain and Marquestra left a friend behind in the Maw. A friend they couldn’t bear to kill themselves but couldn’t allow to run loose in the galaxy. Dr. Hanz Zarkov, founder of the Zarkov Foundation for the Preservation of All Life. An entity from another dimension promised Zarkov to help him prevent anyone from ever dying again. At the cost of their immortal souls however. The entity was the Edge of Soul, a morphing weapon which fed on the souls of those it killed, soul energy being equivalent to a person’s Force energy. The Dr had lobotomized an entire Star Destroyer filled with people feeding the Soul Edge and helping it grow. They also brought back Dark Ascendant Nanites from the other dimension and were using them to transform people into disturbing creatures.

Not knowing all of this, the group agrees to help Dr. Zarkov after they’ve explored a Maw space station. Aboard the station they find a treasure trove of artifacts the Emperor had hidden including holocrons, light weapons, and forbidden texts. After several trips to the museum they finally get around to trying to help Dr. Zarkov. However, he’s run out of patience and has one of the ships giant snaking tentacles to extend a more personal invitation.

Eight and EV-3 go after Freya as she’s dragged to the ship. Meanwhile the others are being assaulted by a near infinite army of Dark Ascendants. Talking with Zarkov Mina agrees to fix his ship if he’ll stop attacking them. Of course on the extended slow flight over to the Star Destroyer Mina and Try reconfigure some weapons to deal ion energy which should work well against the strange biotech of the Star Destroyer.

As part of the crew works on “fixing” the Star Destroyer the others have a conversation with Zarkov which ends in Kerlos shooting him in the face and Eight spacing the Star Destroyer crew by knocking out the transparisteel window on the the bridge. Everyone makes a mad dash for the Turtle while coming under attack from the Star Destroyers remaining ihabitants. However, they make short work of any resistance and Tryce even slams a luggage carrier into a heavily armored brute.

At the docking bay Soul Edge has taken it’s physical fighting form, I.N.F.E.R.N.O. He offers them the chance to leave since they’ve done him a favor of both fixing the ship and ridding him of Zarkov, but they don’t wish to take the chance Mina’s sabotage doesn’t go as plan, despite the fact she rolls like a god when repairing.

So an intense fight breaks out with Inferno more than holding it’s own for several rounds and using it’s original programming to mimic the powers and fighting styles of the group. At least until Dr. Adrian drops a Force Point and goes all Killer Instinct on him. However even with Inferno down the nanites seem intent on bringing him back.

So they get into the Turtle Ion blast the hell out of the Eye of Sauron and push both the Star Destroyer and Space Station into a black hole. Thus ending one more loose end from my last campaign.

Planet Death!
I heart Rancors

So there was this fight with pirates, but they were all “Oh noes!” cause Tryce is all “PEW PEW!” and they landed and it was all misty silent hill like but with force ghosties shaping in the the fog and giant monsters roaming in the distance. They find the gravesite, but no one wants to look around much so they spend a day digging rubble when there was totally a whole in the ceiling the whole time they could’ve found if they just walked like twenty feet ahead. Then theres this dark nasty presence all Yoda’s tree cave like and they’re all “uh oh” but they don’t find nuthin’ then Mina finds a sith mark and is gonna purify it, but that wakes up the gaurdian who’s all “rawr!” and there all “ah shit”.

The bones of many long dead creatures adorn Boz Pity and from these bones a Sith Lord once forged a guardian to watch over his mark to feed on death. The bones come together to form a Skeletal Rancor. After realizing the Rancor was a overwhelmingly formidable opponent, Eight taps into the Force and pulls off some Force Unleashed shit! He Force pushes the Rancor to impale it’s skull on larger bones completely knocking it off it’s feet. They then proceed to hack to bits the poor prone Rancor Lich before he even got a chance to gnaw on someone.

Shortly after Dathomir witches arrive on Rancors themselves. They seem friendly enough and ask to help the PCs in cleansing the burial ground as well as wish to bury the Rancor Lich in a grave of his own kin. The elder helps Mina cleanse the grounds and a Force Ghost solidifies in the form of a Kitonak Jedi. He passes on to them his Chidinkalu of Calm after Dannel plays it for him one last time. Afterwards they part ways with the Dathomir witches, no one the wiser that I had completely forgotten to come up with names for my NPCs.

Back on Yavin Dannel, Eight, Mina, and Dr.Adrian? are all promoted to Jedi Knight as befitting Jedi of their power. Reuniting with Kerlos and Freya the group decides to see what’s going on at the Maw. Once there, they’re given the brush off by Caduceaus ordering them to leave. However the Captain, having been close friends with the head of Caduceaus years ago, demands an audience with Marquestra Vaughn. Being a strangely well connected droid, his demands are met. After a private meeting with Marquestra he contacts the crew to let them know they’re cleared to enter the Maw. He however, made a promise never to return there along with Marquestra. What they left behind in the Maw would best be left undisturbed, but he won’t stand in the way of the PCs seeking it out themselves.


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