Crown of Xel'lotath

Originally believed to be a crown worn by Xel’lotath we now know this was in fact crafted as a trap to drive it’s users insane. It was thought that this crown gave the user the ability to speak with nonsentient creatures, having a greater affect on spiders. Further studies prove that the crown does not in fact confer Beast Speech to it’s wearer, rather it creates an illusion of Beast Speech in which the creatures speaking will try to drive it’s wearer closer to madness and the Darkside.

When originally given to us for study by STARS Alpha the crown had an appearance of a spider like being. Slowly over the course of a month of study the spider shape has become something more innocuous and typically crown like. Some of the runes engraved within the crown suggest that perhaps it has mild Force Alchemical abilities allowing it to slowly reform. This would also explain how it managed to dig it’s “legs” into Alcina’s face and pierce her skull.

We believe that after it’s wielder has been driven completely mad and their will stripped away the crown becomes little more than a controlling device for it’s master, as yet unknown. In the state she was found in, Alcina was little more than a shell being controlled by a mysterious entity to perhaps continue to spread madness and feed off the resultant Darkside energy.

The artifact prominently displays the Mark of Xel’lotath on the underside of the crown. We have little information as to who Xel’lotath was at this time and why she would construct such a device. This being an artifact of completely malevolent purpose it is our suggestion that the artifact be destroyed as soon as possible.

Crown of Xel'lotath

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