Galactic Times Issue 1179

Ysalamiri Numbers Dwindling

Scientists at the Myrkr Research Facility have discovered a decline in the local Ysalamiri populations. The decline which was at first believed to be a part of their natural population fluctuations seems to have fallen well below their original projected numbers. Strict New Republic guidelines prohibit the removal and killing of the Ysalamiri. With Myrkr heavily patrolled by Republic forces exportation and poaching seem highly unlikely to produce such a massive decline. Currently scientists are looking towards biological and environmental factors to try and explain and remedy the situation.

Diplomatic Ship Goes Missing

A Mon Cal Cruiser The Hikahi Bridge has gone missing at the edge of wild space. The ship was filled mostly with New Republic Ambassadors and minimal military personal intent on setting up relations with inhabited worlds recently discovered by NRAST. An investigation is underway by Republic security forces. So far they have not found any evidence indicating the ship was destroyed nor signs of a battle at it’s last known jump point. Republic officials report that as of yet they have not received any ransom demands nor has any known criminal organization or terrorist group claimed responsibility.

Droid Revolt Shuts Down Factory

Krin’s Droid Hut a small start up factory on Corellia was shut down this week after all the droids on their manufacturing line began malfunctioning. The droids started by tearing apart machinery in the factory and then moved on to trying to kill their living coworkers and boss. Due to alarms being set off as machinery was destroyed CorSec forces were already on their way before the droids began to hurt anyone. CorSec managed to stop the droids before any loss of life occured, with only four sentients injured, one in critical condition. CorSec plans on dismantling the droids for signs of reprogramming and will issue a statement pending further investigation.

Tattooine Faces Fourth Case of Spontaneous Combustion

Tattoine officials are baffled in what almost seems to be an epidemic of Spontaneous Combustion. Galaxy wide in the last two years there have been 27 reported cases of Spontaneous Combustion. However, Tattoine is the only planet to have repeated cases with the death of Viktor Mador, an Abyssin, being their fourth confirmed case. Preliminary speculation seemed to point towards the use of chemicals or outside energy sources, but autopsy reports on all victims have thus far ruled these out.

Galactic Times Issue 1179

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