Galactic Times Issue 1183

Dr. Ansed Trevore Captured at Last!

Dr. Ansed Trevore, creator and proliferator of the Trevore Virus, was captured yesterday by bounty hunters on Ord Mantell. The Allied Defel Alliance offered a 100,000 credit bounty on Trevore as they believe the virus was engineered, not as a cure as he originally claimed, but as a weapon to possibly wipe out the entire Defel race. Trevore is being kept in a maximum security cell on Aretak, where the virus was originally manufactured and released. Officials state that the security measures are not because they fear Trevore fleeing a second time, but for his own safety. Many Defels are already calling for his death and security forces are on high alert in case of rioting. The Allied Defel Alliance has issued a statement that regardless of how the public feels Ansed Trevore will be given a fair trail.

The Ysalamiri, Engineered for Extinction?

For two months now scientists on Myrkr have been trying to figure out what is causing a sharp decline in Ysalamiri populations. Ruling out a variety of external factors some geneticists turned to studying more internal ones. Dr. Valary Nedron of the Myrkr Research Institute has extensively studied their genetic code. Her studies have led her to believe that the Ysalamiri did not evolve naturally on Myrkr, but were genetically engineered and transplanted there. Furthermore she believes their genetic code was manipulated to cause this natural extinction process. While she states that they can revive the Ysalamiri through cloning processes, they would definitely lose their ability to affect the Force they currently possess.

SwoopStorm on Neftali!

With the excitement of the semi-finals dying down, officials have announced the final race will take place on the ice plains of Neftali. Always a popular course, Neftali has hosted the SwoopStorm 5000 final three times previously in the long history of this great sport. The last final hosted on Neftali six years ago, had the highest accident rate of any other race that year. Race officials are predicting this course will be even deadlier and are hoping to exceed the viewership record they set six years ago.

The Butcher Resurfaces!

A serial killer, or copycat, whose career spans over two hundred years may have resurfaced on Nar Shadda this week. Everytime the Butcher has surfaced in the past he has been known to take various body parts from five different species only to go into hiding again for about fifty years. Descriptions often vary as he’s believed to wear parts of various species making him difficult to properly identify. However, two features remain constant in all descriptions of The Butcher, Ssi-ruuk-like legs and a Duinuogwuin-like wings. That was the description of the fleeing creature witnesses claim to have seen fleeing from the body of a dead H’nemthe with her tongue cut out. They also claim the fleeing creature was able to jump to the rooftops unaided by any sort of jet pack which is also consistent with past descriptions. This ability has also given rise to the killer being referred to as Repulsor-Heeled Jack.

Galactic Times Issue 1183

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