Galactic Times Issue 1184

Whispers from the Maw

On a routine trip past Kessel, cargo ship Honoghr’s Honor, reported picking up a strange distress signal as they skirted the Maw supposedly trying to break the Kessel run record set by Captain Solo half a century ago. Transponder records seem to indicate it belonged to a science vessel called The Atra Eternum. The distress signal was heavily garbled due to corruption from the Maw but what little of the message can be understood sounds as if the crew of the Atra are trapped somewhere deep in the Maw by it’s gravitational forces.

The Butcher Stopped by Fugitives

This week a group of bounty hunters tracked down and killed the Butcher, a serial killer believed to be centuries old. A video showing the Butcher being killed by a group of former Jedi was turned in as proof of bounty and after careful analysis deemed to be authentic. However, pictured in the video is a former Jedi Academy student named Freya Odanadi who herself, has a recently posted bounty of 20,000 credits for allegedly stealing Jedi Academy property. Experts analyzing the video also say the video itself was shot by a VLTD model droid they believe to be VLTD-8, who is wanted by the New Republic with a 50,000 credit bounty. Commander Utonos of New Republic Security Forces has gone on record to say the VLTD-8 should be considered a level 5 threat and use of excessive force in apprehending him is advised. VLTD-8 has gone AWOL from serving his sentence as part of the Free Droid Rehabilitation Act and is believed to be a traitor to the New Republic with plans to resurrect the Empire. VLTD-8 was apparently serving this sentence under the FDRA for having killed a member of a salvage crew years ago. This paired along with recent droid rebellions on Correllia and Telos IV are causing members in the senate to call into question the Free Droid Act entirely.

Date set for the Trevore Trial

The Allied Defel Alliance of Aretak have set a trial date for Ansed Trevore in one month. Current speculation is that Ansed will be pleading guilty to the charges which amount to attempted genocide and the death of countless Defels. The Defels have promised that the trial will be fair and the proceedings will be broadcast to the public. Prosecuters on the case say despite the possible guilty plea they will be vying for Ritual of the Claw which is the highest death penalty given in a Defel court. The Allied Defel Alliance is also offering a 10,000 credit reward for Artemis Vox, a colleague of Ansed’s, for questioning in this case.

Jedi Hunters Resurface

The Jedi Hunters responsible for the death of a Jedi on Weyland are believed to have resurfaced on Gamorr. This time witnesses claim to have seen to armor clad individuals with jet packs swarm a man who defended himself with a lightsaber. As the smoke cleared from a salvo of blaster fire and grenade blasts the witnesses claim the armored individuals flew off with the body of the Jedi. When asked for comment the Jedi Council said they have no record of a Jedi currently serving on Gamorr.

Galactic Times Issue 1184

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