Galactic Times Issue 1186

Coruscant Liberated Yet Again!

An ever popular world for galactic conquest, Coruscant was recently invaded by The Forgotten, only to be liberated once again by Jedi and New Republic Forces. After invading Coruscant with an army of EV-3 droids Forgotten leader, Darth Revenant, seemed obsessed with capturing any and all politicians and beauracrats on Coruscant. Luckily New Republic Frontiersmen, Kassatibiel and Krayt Skiplen, managed to hide the president and some of his top staff in the lower levels of Coruscant where they evaded Forgotten forces for days.

It was this delay in capturing the president that likely kept Forgotten forces on planet long enough for remaining New Republic forces and Jedi to mount a counter offensive. The ship to ship assault was lead by Commander Gen Esran of Rogue Squadron with Dreadnaughts being boarded by Jedi and New Republic soldiers. The Jedi Forces seemed to be being led by previously unknown armored Jedi reminiscient of the Sith. When asked about these new Jedi, Master Odis only had this to say, “They are not Jedi, they are not Sith, but from this day forward they are our allies.”

Perhaps most surprising of all was also the appearance of an army of M-BR-GE3 droids being led by the vigilante Copper Top. These droids armed with blasters and light sabers raced past the massive space battle to engage the EV-3 droids on the planet. The emergence of this army also sheds light on a recent wave of stolen and missing M-BR droid reports. Though there is still a large question of how an army of protocol droids was made combat ready and programmed to fight. All droids have thus far refused to comment on our questions with the exception of Copper Top. He has gone on record as saying, “This is the fruition of the Free Droid Act and the inspiration of another droid out there whose words moved us to fight for this Republic and this Galaxy.”

While celebrations were held with the liberation, the New Republic cannot afford to let it’s guard down. While the Dreadnaughts were disabled with all hostages aboard recovered the two larger ships, while badly damaged, did manage to get to hyperspace after receiving orders from Darth Revenant to retreat. He also ordered forces aboard both Dreadnaughts to surrender without further fight and cooperate with New Repbuplic forces before sending out a final message to the New Republic and leaving via escape pod.

Darth Revenant’s visage appears on screen.

“Do not celebrate your victory too soon. I achieved what I set out to accomplish for The Forgotten. Surely they shall never be forgotten again. Along with this message I have sent the coordinates to the worlds where we left those captured aboard the ships hijacked for this endeavor. They are the same worlds upon which you left us stranded years ago. They may yet survive, as we did, if you hurry. Also are the coordinates for a dozen other worlds like them where survivors like ourselves still persist as best as they can after being left behind by you. I will trust that the New Republic will do what is right by them and help them. However, if things do not change I will be watching. You will not find Darth Revenant for he does not exist, and yet he will rise once again to oppose you if you have not learned from all of this. I raised this army through your negligence, do not force me to do so again.”

Asylum Destroyed on Bimmisaari

The Bimmisaari Institute for Mental Health was destroyed last week after some sort of strange viral outbreak went out of control. Dr. Maxwell Thegas, formerly of Caduceaus, the chief of staff at Bimmisaari Health called for a quarantine of the building after clearing most of his staff and dismissing them from the building. Bimm officials report that he gave them regular reports for a few days as he alone tried to fight and cure this strange virus that seemed to be affecting all of his patients. However, in his last transmission he said that this virus was beyond his ability to continue fighting and that all he could do was make sure it didn’t spread beyond his asylum. He then enacted the final quarantine protocol which completely burned out the inside of the building, inhabitants and all.

Planetary officials will have a ceremony celebrating Dr. Thegas in his heroic sacrifice to stop the spread of this virus. Bimmisaari Health now stands as just a burned out husk but a hazmat team has cleared the remains saying there is no trace of whatever strange virus caused this outbreak. While hazmat teams say they found no life signs at all within the building, citizens leaving flowers and trinkets at the quarantine line for lost loved ones have reported seeing shadows with green glowing eyes in the building.

Dr. Trevore Sentenced to Life in Prison

New evidence presented at the trial of Dr. Trevore indicates that while he was responsible for releasing a genocidal virus, he was not in fact it’s creator. The virus now being called The Vox Virus, was found to have been created by Dr. Artemis Vox, a colleague of Trevore. While not receiving the death penalty Dr. Trevore is still being given life in prison due to his negligence in releasing an untested “cure”. With this new evidence the Defel have put out a 1,000,000 credit bounty for Dr. Artemis Vox. However, Dr. Da’ryan of the Defel Viral League has come forth with a cure at last for the Vox virus. He takes no claim for the cure on his behalf or on behalf of the League, but says it was sent in by an anonymous source. He and his people have tested it thoroughly for weeks now and are confident this is a true cure for the Vox Virus.

Galactic Times Issue 1186

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