Galactic Times Issue 1187

Head of Caduceaus Dies

The New Republic mourns the loss of one if it’s great unsung heroes Dr. Marquestra Vaughn of Caduceaus. Few people realize that this aged doctor once acted on behalf of the Rebel Alliance during the days of the Empire. She was more than just a skilled physician but an accomplished Jedi as well. Despite her reputation and accomplishments there was some controversy towards the end of her run as head of Caduceaus. Many questioned her blockade of the Maw recently and wondered why the quarantine was ordered. She refused to give an answer even to her most trusted friends within the organization, and before her sudden death there was talk of deeming her unfit for duty. With her death Derek Stiles has stepped up as the new head of Caduceaus Galactic and ended her mysterious and still unexplained blockade.

No sign of Revenant

In the aftermath of The Forgotten the New Republic has been acting to save those stranded on outer rim planets. They’ve also begun the long process of helping the inhabitants of those worlds get the help they so desperately need. Transport ships have been working round the clock delivering supplies and help to residents of those planets who wish to remain and ferrying those that wish to leave to more habitable and civilized worlds within the New Republic. Still the New Republic searches for the one man responsible for all of this Darth Revenant. While many people were recovered by New Republic forces the numbers missing and dead on those worlds is still astounding. The New Republic is currently offering a 1 million credit bounty on Darth Revenant for war crimes against them. So far the only lead has been an empty escape pod containing his armor which crashed on Coruscant during the fight for it’s liberation.

Defel and Arahn Deaths Skyrocket

While a miracle cure has stemmed the tide of the Vox Virus, a new outbreak Galatea Guignol, has swept across Aretak and other Arahn worlds causing countless deaths among the Arahn. The peace between the Defel and Arahn has been shaky since the release of the Vox Virus and with this latest disease riots between the two races have popped up Galaxy wide. Just as the Defel, rightly, blamed the Arahn for the Vox virus the Arahn are likewise blaming the Defel for Guignol. The New Republic is doing what it can to intervene but the death toll on both sides continues to rise.

Force User Registration

Many diplomats returning from their forced exile caused by Darth Revenant are now calling for a new Force User Registration Act. They believe the New Republic needs to keep better tabs on Force Users around the galaxy and are claiming the Jedi Council is not doing enough to stop people like Revenant. There are some in the Senate arguing against this Act likening it to similar acts passed that allowed Palpatine to purge the Jedi when he took power years ago. However, the Act is quickly gathering support and talks are expected to take place in the next few weeks.

Galactic Times Issue 1187

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