Galactic Times Issue 1188

Ancient Art Exhibition to be Held on Csilla

The Mitth’raw’nuruodo Memorial Museum will be hosting a month long rare ancient art exhibition in two weeks. The art has been collected from across the galaxy through a number of channels including other museums and personal collections. Memnon Vanderbeam, curator of the museum, has managed to bring together such famous works as Gorgo’s Nal Hutta Moonlight and Undying Love on loan from Socorro. The exhibit even promises two pieces thought long lost, the Shard of Sith lost from the Quarren archive over two thousand years ago as well as the Thousand Year Puzzle that went missing after being found by Dr. Jakonos just a few years ago. Due to the nature of this exhibit the Royal Guard of Csilla will be taking care of security for the exhibit and Vanderbeam has requested help from the Jedi as well.

Force Registration Talks Begin Today

Senators Opelio and Fenaris have finally got approval to begin talks about the proposed Force User Registration Act. While currently very unpopular with the public, it has garnered a lot of support in the Senate as Opelio and Fenaris have supposedly already found a group to help enforce the proposed legislation that will not tax New Republic resources. Protesters to this bill are expected to march on the Palace grounds to show their support of the Jedi. A spokesman for the Jedi Council is expected to attend the talks as well. The Jedi have filed a formal protest with the New Republic against these proceedings, but have not yet made a statement to the media.

Twisted SynthMetal to Hit Tattoine This Year

Inside sources are claiming that the illegal Twisted SynthMetal competition will be taking place on Tattoine this year. Each year the elusive crime lord Calypso holds this competition on a different planet known only to the invited contenders. The participants will have heavily modified vehicles of all kinds in what is without a doubt the most violent demolition derby in the galaxy. The Twisted SynthMetal competition is often held in populated areas with total disregard for the local populace. For this reason Calypso holds a ten million credit bounty on his head. The New Republic has been made aware of the possibility of Tatooine being a target for the competition this year and are expected to increase security in major populated areas of the desert planet.

Galactic Times Issue 1188

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