Galactic Times Issue 1189

New Champions of Twisted SynthMetal Bring Calypso to Justice

The latest, and likely last, winners of this years Twisted SynthMetal competition not only upset Captain Zallia’s winning streak, but also captured the sponsor/crime lord Calypso. Ferrin Vangard and Claire Redblade were surprise entrants in this year’s competition. Having obtained a special invitation through Captain Zallia, they took out other participants while reporting in to Tattooine authorities areas of the planet to clear of civilians, thus keeping the collateral damage to a minimum. The final round of the competition took place above the pit of Carkoon where miraculously no participants were lost after the destruction of their vehicles due to Claire Redblade floating survivors to the sidelines while her partner continued to pilot them through the chaos. Ferrin reports that Calypso likely evaded capture for so long using his own Dark Force Powers. It was revealed that Calypso, while not a Sith or Dark Jedi did seem to possess many Dark Force Powers that were countered by members of STARS Bravo.

Riots and Communication Black Out on Ando

Two days ago reports of riots with request for aid from the New Republic were sent out from Ando. While trying to establish the exact nature of the riots transmissions went down. While Ando and the New Republic are not on the best of terms due to a shaky past, a ship was dispatched to Ando to investigate if further intervention was necessary. Reports from the New Republic Cruiser, Kashi Matamo, indicate that the citizens of Ando seem to have been driven insane and are exhibiting symptoms of a mental disease identified by Dr. Maxwell Thegas at the Bimmisaari Asylum recently. The New Republic is working alongside Caduceaus to try and quarantine the planet.

Registration Act Ground to a Halt

The Senate talks on Force Registration have broken down as the Senate was flooded recently by roughly 500 M-BR droids. At first Senator Fenaris called for the removal of these droids, recent heroes in the fight against the Forgotten, but it was discovered that most of them were still employed by high ranking officials throughout the New Republic Government and were there legally. Talks are stalled as the M-BR droids have begun citing obscure and forgotten rules established at the start of the New Republic. They have further been stymied as Senate officials are trying to reduce the number of M-BR droids by verifying each individual droid and whether they have a right to be there. So far they have managed to remove twelve.

Strange Fissure Opens up on Myrkr

Two days ago a large fissure opened up on the planet Myrkr that scientists stationed there have been unable to study. Readings from the space station were inconclusive so they sent a small team down in a ship to get a closer look. The team’s ship malfunctioned and they had to crash land in the forest before reaching the fissure. A second team was sent and reported a similar malfunction before being forced to land as well. Finally a rescue team was sent in a repulsorlift to rescue the two teams. The Rescue team found most of the members of both groups, but the survivors were reported as being either catatonic or highly agitated. There are still three members missing, but due to the state of the current survivors rescue teams do not feel there’s much chance of finding them.

Galactic Times Issue 1189

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