Galactic Times Issue 1190

Abregado-rae Authorities ask for New Republic Help

After a rash of disappearances over the last five months authorities on Abregado-rae have put in an official request for help. The New Republic has pledged to send reinforcements to increase security to Phyrstal Island, the location of the the kidnappings, in hopes of helping to stop the individuals responsible. The kidnappings only seem to be taking place once a month on the full moon, but have been increasing with each month. Last full moon six people went missing, and authorities have yet to find any evidence. The only alleged eye witness to a kidnapping claims that it looked as if a shadow dragged her boyfriend into an ally and they disappeared.

Senators Fenaris and Opelio on Trial for Treason

The Force Registration Act has been completely dissolved after it was discovered that Senators Fenaris and Opelio planned to kill the Jedi with an army of Mandalorian troops. They even went so far as to order a New Republic Security vessel patrolling the Yavin system to withdraw to allow troops to land and start a war with the Jedi. The New Republic has publicly apologized to the Jedi for the attack on the Academy and are promising swift justice to the traitors, as well as an apology for even considering the Force Registration Act. A small group of the Ember droids present at the talks not only managed to record damning evidence of the treasonous act but also gathered further evidence that led to the arrest of both senators.

Galatea Guignol Cured

Caduceaus has come forth with a cure for the Arahn disease and has been rapidly deploying it around the galaxy to Arahn planets and colonies. With both Galatea and the Vox viruses cured one might expect the riots between the Arahn and Defel to quiet down, but reports indicate that violence between the two species is on the rise. A group of Defel extremists have claimed that they will not stop the attacks until the body of Dr. Artemis Vox has been turned over to the Defel people. Trying to garner a bit of peace with the Defel an anonymous Arahn has offered to match the bounty offered by the Defel for Artemis Vox bringing the total bounty now to 2,000,000 credits.

Animal Maulings on Rowrakruk Becoming a Problem

Wookie authorities are reporting an increase in animal attacks in the city of Rowrakruk on Kashyyyk. While wild animal attacks are fairly common place on a forest planet, most of them stay out of the cities. Authorities are perplexed by the number of recent attacks taking place in the heart of the city. Regular patrols to try and keep the wild animals out are made and have turned up no signs of unusual activity in the animal populace. Even more baffling is their inability to accurately identify the type of animal responsible for the attacks. Even witness reports are varied and sketchy with no two people agreeing on what the animals looked like.

Galactic Times Issue 1190

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