Galactic Times Issue 1191

Protocol Droid Rampage Ends in Crash

Authorities on Coruscant are baffled by the motivations of a now demolished, malfunctioning protocol droid. An RJ-4DO droid, made by the long ago disbanded Duwani Mechanics, led authorities on a day long chase through the streets of Coruscant this last week. The 4DO droid, despite being an older model protocol, was employed at a local magazine office on Coruscant. Coworkers report that the droid was acting strangely that day, leaving in the middle of his job and defiling a copier machine on the way out. He then went to a doughnut shop across the street where he flung doughnuts at the workers and customers until police arrived. As they tried to arrest him he grappled with an officer in the doorway, trapping police out and patrons in the shop. Trying to reason with the droid only seemed to make him agitated and he would only reply by yelling his model number, “4DO!” As the officer finally escaped the droids’ vice like grip the droid smashed through a window and jumped off the street onto a passing repulsorlift. Authorities lost track of the droid but later responded to a call of the same droid causing chaos at a circus. The droid apparently grappled with the circus strongman and spewed flames about through some installed flamethrower. The Droid then hotwired a repulsorlift leading authorities on a chase that ended in him crashing into a tree at the Coruscant National Arboretum. Emergency mechanics were called onto the scene and tried to save the droid, but could not. In his last moments of conciousness the EMTs state that the droid was making lewd comments at them and when asked why he did this he still only replied with his model number, 4DO .

New Republic Officials Planned to Leave the Galaxy?

People were shocked yesterday when airwaves galaxywide were hijacked by Darth Revenant. This time his message seemed to indicate an unknown threat to the galaxy and that the New Republic officials may have been planning on leaving the galaxy to avoid this threat.

A video of Darth Revenant appears with a shot of a docked Super Star Destroyer in the background.

“People of the New Republic, you should be aware that your galaxy faces a greater threat than I could ever pose. Your elected officials had hoped to leave you to your fate, but I have now cut off their only means of escape. The Exodus is mine now and has been conscripted to help me fight this new threat. Not on behalf of your Republic, or even The Forgotten. No, we are now prepared to lay down our lives in defense of this Galaxy. I should expect no less from the whole of the Republic. We will stand together to defeat this menace or we shall all go down fighting, with Honor.”

As of publication the New Republic has thus far refused to make a public statement.

Dathomir Ambassador Missing

An ambassador from Dathomir was reported missing this week when her transport failed to arrive on Coruscant. Matriarch Kessana Anajl had made arrangements to speak with diplomats about potentially making Dathomir a part of the New Republic. Her ship’s flight plan should have taken it directly to Coruscant but is now several days late and authorities are putting out a fleetwide notice to look for her ship, The Rancor’s Claw.

Dark Jedi Loose on Gand

A New Republic Prisoner transport reported a recent escapee during a routine transfer. The prisoner, a Talz known as Muln Akac, wasn’t even known to be a Force user until his escape from the prison ship. Exhibiting Force powers in his escape he was seen to zap a lock on his cell with electricity and chocked a guard from across the room before hijacking a smaller transport ship. The ship was badly damaged in the escape and was soon found on Gand and reported by authorities there. It is believed Muln is still on planet there.

Galactic Times Issue 1191

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