Galactic Times Issue 1192

The Galaxy’s Greatest Threat

Galactic Times was just hours away from going to press when we received an anonymous datapad linking three stories that were originally thought unrelated. While we are still trying to determine the credibility of the data we have been able to verify much of what is already there. For weeks now the New Republic has declared a media blockade around Mykyr for unknown reasons. With the blockade recently lifted we were originally going to report on the disappearance of the planet Mykyr, the destruction of centerpoint station, and the possible sighting of Darth Revenant’s fleet. If our source is to be believed however these stories are all related.

The datapad is filled with research on an ancient Sith lord that had grown a massive creature capable of devouring whole worlds. The creature was being grown underneath the planet Mykyr, masking it’s darkside presence with the Ysallamiri there. Once they died off, as it was earlier reported they were doing, the creature would emerge from the planet like an egg and devour all life across the galaxy. Data suggests that New Republic high officials knew about this creature’s existence and kept it secret while they constructed a Super Star Destroyer capable of getting them out of the galaxy.

Recently while trying to get any information past the blockade one of our probes came across this SSD, now allegedly in the possession of Darth Revenant, along with a fleet of Star Destroyers not far from Mykyr. Presumably to make good on his promise to help combat this threat.

However, as it turns out the Galaxy has already been spared from this threat. Not by the Jedi, or New Republic forces gathered at Mykyr or The Forgotten led by Revenant. It was saved by a group of highly trained and specialized force known as STARS, the Sith Threat Assessment and Research Squad. Once thought a New Republic organization, the New Republic has publicly refuted any ties to this organization with the destruction of Centerpoint Station. Being blamed on New Republic traitor Major Kaartinen and his associates in STARS, it would seem the Major and his companions are actually heroes.

Data suggests that a member of STARS, a Force wielding droid known as VLTD-8, was able to merge with Centerpoint Station and reactivate it after years of inactivity. It would also seem that STARS managed to stop a group of Sith that had infiltrated the Correllian installation. Once activated VLTD-8 managed to create a black hole to consume Mykyr and the entity lying within it. However, doing so caused the entity to retaliate crushing the station and killing the droid that saved our galaxy. We will continue to try and verify the information we have received, but it seems very likely the Galaxy owe a debt of gratitude to the members of STARS and most especially the droid know as VLTD-8.

Galactic Times Issue 1192

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