STARS Bravo currently consists of six members.

Claire Redblade is an apprentice with the Jedi Academy. A female Twilek with exceptional skills and Force potential.

Ferrin Vangard is a former CorSec officer currently serving in the New Republic security forces. A Correlian male well trained in the use of blasters, heavy weapons, and hand to hand combat.

Ulari Moonborn is a 2nd class NRAST frontiersmen. A male Shistavanen who has traveled the better part of the galaxy and well equipped for any survival situation.

Marck Echo is an ex-con who chose serving in the New Republic Forces over going to prison. A Coruscant born male originally wanted on over thirty counts of forgery and grand larceny on twelve systems.

Jarra Dahai is a historian with the New Republic Science Academy and an accomplished musician. A female Bimm with woefully little knowledge of the present world outside the Academy walls.

Doroan is a medical student with Caduceus Galactic. A lungless male Gand, he hopes to earn a second name when he becomes a doctor.

Though not official members of STARS Bravo, the crew of the freighter the Starship Extreme, have been conscripted to charter Bravo team around the galaxy. Like Marck they faced a similar choice to serve the New Republic or go to prison.


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