The Jedi Order

Since Master Skywalker reestablished the Jedi Order five years after the fall of the Emperor, thousands of recruits have graduated and taken their place are guardians of the galaxy. Feeling the Force take him along another path, the Academy on Yavin has seen two other Jedi Masters come and go. While each one has had their own dogmas and theories on how the Academy should be run and recruits taught, the basics have never changed.

While the Jedi code put forth by Master Skywalker is still taught, most recruits are more familiar with the older code set by Odan-Urr.

_  There is no emotion, there is peace. 
  There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. 
  There is no passion, there is serenity. 
  There is no chaos, there is harmony.
  There is no death, there is the Force._

While the Jedi Order has kept it’s affairs separate from those of the New Republic, their graduates are always more than willing to help keep order in the galaxy. Unfortunately as the New Republic has spread it’s borders over the years the Jedi presence has been stretched thin and are unable to police the galaxy as well as they would like.

The Jedi Order

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