Dark Corners of the Galaxy

Organization XIII

The Planet of Brotherly Love

Using the info gathered at the Danuta Monastery the PCs head to Bimmissari to pick up Tryce and intercept the ghost ship. Shortly after the the ship arrives in system the salvage crews landing craft is seen unsteadily making it’s way towards the planet. Hailing the landing craft the messages received sound to be Bomarr chants demanding a surrender of the flesh. Playing things overly cautious, the crew of the Turtle decide not to shoot it down right away. Instead they have Shoma, the Bomarr apprentice, piss off the monks and almost cause the craft to crash into a small village. Surveying the wreckage they see three Spider Monks crawling out wearing bits and pieces of the salvage crew. Opening up with the ships Quad Laser Cannon Tryce makes short work of the crazed monks.

Calling in a local New Republic cruiser for help they disable the Dreadnaught’s hyperdrive. However, doing so causes it’s automated defenses to go off and it sends out a swarm of attack drone. Between the Turtle and the New Rupublic cruiser the outdated fighter drones don’t last long.

Landing in the ship’s docking bay the party is treated to a horrific scene of gore with blood and intestines decorating the ship. “Give us your flesh” is written in dried blood all about the ship in various languages. However, with sensor scans picking up two life forms STARS bravely sets about looking for the survivors. As they make their way through the ships corridors following the life form readings, a blast door drops down out of nowhere separating the party. With Kass, 8, and Freya on one side and Mina, Tryce, Dannel, and Artemis on the other. As Mina tries to get the door open and Kass shots the door controls, Artemis runs straight at the Omega Bomarr coming down the corridor at them. Omega Bomarr is the conglomeration of about six spider bodies and multiple brains daisy-chained to form a massive flesh stripper of doom.

Artemis channels the Force through him as he does a 3 point lightsaber combo against the Omega Bomarr almost felling the feral conglomomonk on his own. A little further down the corridor they find Ooris, an Ugnuaght from the Shifting Light, hiding in the vents and take him with them. Heading for the other lifeform in the medic bay they find the doors sealed with two monks trying to get in. Taking care of the monks they then use lightsabers to open the door to find the last remaining survivor of the crew, Maison, a human male. Interestingly enough there’s a dead monk walker in the medic bay with Maison, and his head is bandaged. Knowing a set up when they see one, the pcs stun the ever living fuck out of Maison to let the modern Bomarrs decide to do with the body thieving brain.

Blasting the remains of The Purgatory into scrap, STAR Alpha decide to lend a helping hand to STARS Bravo on Vigil. While Captain Victus goes to visit with a Sabacc droid ex of his, STARS sets about trying to find any trace of STARS Bravo. Little realizing that security scanners over the entire planet were made to alert Organization XIII anytime one of their numbers arrived on planet. With no visits expected from their brothers, IX goes to investigate, discovering to his own surprise their long lost brother 8. Trailing Freya, 8, and Kass discretely he manages to find out Bravo’s plan for a jail break that night and alerts V to be on the look out for any other suspicious organics that may show up to the factory.

Sure enough on cue, Artemis and Dannel show up posing as Caduceus personnel tracking a dangerous infection. Of course their story doesn’t hold up as the medic droid on staff can find no traces of any type of disease. Artemis and Dannel, leave without the Bravo member they hoped to be able to free, but with at least info on where he’s being kept. Of course neither of them notice V trailing them either, but err on the side of caution as they go to rendevous with the group.

While Tryce finally spots V following Dannel and Artemis, still IX remains hidden, observing 8 who is observing V, who then waves to 8 to let him know they know he’s there. As 8 makes his way to the rooftop V is on, IX finally makes his presence known. He tries to convince 8 to join their side, but 8 is unconvinced. Dismayed, IX and V both try to at least discourage him from standing against them and forcing them to fight him least he end up like 4.

At least knowing now that they are expected to make a break in that night the group brainstorms furiously to come up with a plan so unexpected and uncanny it will completely catch 8’s brothers off guard.



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