Galactic Times Issue 1180

Communications Black Out on Kessel

A communications black out on Kessel has many people worried across the Galaxy. The communications black out was discovered when friends and family attempting to contact loved ones stationed on Kessel filed a report after three days without reaching a comm signal. A repair crew was sent out immediately. The crew reported in as they made planetfall but have not been heard from since.

Jedi Knight Auron Voss Killed on Wayland

Eyewitness reports claim that Auron Voss was assaulted on a routine patrol of New Nystao by two armor clad individuals. Only spotted from afar on the rooftops of Nystao, witnesses were unable to give much detail on the unknown assailants. Witnesses claim that the Myneryrshi’s two lightsabers were the only ones visible in the fight yet it appeared that the killers were able to somehow block his attacks. With no body left behind by the Myneryrshi Jedi, authorities are unsure of how to proceed in their investigation.

Salvage Crew Hijacked by Ghost Ship

After a routine supply drop to the planet Danuta the crew of the Shifting Light reported an unknown Dreadnaught Cruiser came out of hyperspace in the path of their outbound flight. Avoiding a fatal crash the crew attempted hail the Dreadnaught only to receive a prerecorded message in an unknown language. After waiting close to an hour a small team of crew members took a scout ship over to the Dreadnaught to claim as salvage. A few moments later the Dreadnaught’s engines fired up and went into hyperspace taking with it the would be salvage team.

Droid Destroyed in Botched Assassination Attempt

Governor Kris Endren of Raltiir mourns the loss of a loyal family friend most others thought of as just a droid. As the governor and his trusted droid returned home from a late senate meeting they were startled at the site of a tall individual covered by hooded black robes. Igniting a lightsaber the individual simply demanded, “You will give me the code, or I will take it by force.” The droid bravely intersected himself between the governor and the assassin and advised Endren to go get help. While the governor ran to contact security the droid fell to the assassin’s lightsaber. By the time security returned to the governor’s room the assassin had already fled leaving the protocol droid scrapped beyond repair. The governor is privy to a variety of codes from planetary security codes to New Republic restricted access codes and it is unknown what code the assassin was after.

Galactic Times Issue 1180

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