Galactic Times Issue 1182

Hirahi Bridge Gone Rogue?

A Mon Cal cruiser, The Alopia Rift, in orbit around Kubindi reported receiving a distress call from the recently missing Hirahi Bridge. Traveling in system to the location of the signal scanners reported over 2000 lifeforms aboard. Scanners also indicated the ship appeared to be operating on a minimal amount of power. However, the last transmission received from the Alopia referred to a large energy spike before going silent. After an hour of being unable to contact the Alopia a small military force was sent to investigate. The investigative crew observed signs of a possible brief battle as well as energy signatures indicative of massive amounts of ion energy. Neither the Hirahi or Alopia were found nor any crew members from either ship.

Massive Droid Riot on Telos IV.

A massive droid riot in the city of Revan on Telos IV has left hundreds injured, 58 dead, and has brought many businesses to a stand still. Current estimates indicate that the number of droids rioting numbered in the thousands. The droids seem to have been intent on killing any and all living beings within the city. Security forces on planet and in orbit reacted quickly to the riots but are at a loss as to the cause of the droid rebellion.

Who is The Gundark?

Nal Hutta, a planet notorious for it’s rampant crime is experiencing a new “menace”. Rumors have spread that a mysterious Jedi protector may be looking over the Hutt run planet. While no definite sitings have been confirmed captured criminals and would be victims have talked about a large four armed robed figure. This mystery man has been seen to wield a number of weapons including a lightsaber and some claim he has even moved objects and people around with the Force. No one knows for sure who he could be or even what species. The local media has taken to calling this vigilante The Gundark due to the reports of his four arms and goggles with fins that give him a look of a wild gundark. The Hutts are currently offering a 100,000 credit bounty dead or alive on The Gundark.

Galactic Times Issue 1182

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