Galactic Times Issue 1185

Terrorists Take Kuat Drive Karavis Facility

The terrorist group responsible for the hijacking of two Mon Cal Cruisers, the Alopia and the Hirahi, have at last made themselves known after a successful attack on a Kuat Drive shipyard located on Karavis. Calling themselves The Forgotten, they have completely neutralized the Karavis security forces owned and controlled by Kuat Drives. A nearby New Republic Star Destroyer attempted to intervene after receiving a distress call from Karavis but had to turn away before being overwhelmed by the terrorist forces consisting of three Dreadnaughts and the two hijacked Mon Cal Cruisers.

The Karavis facility is perhaps the smallest of Kuat’s current shipyards but currently they are estimating that The Forgotten may actually have the forces to run the four Star Destroyers as well as a Galactic Class Battle Carrier with a full compliment of star fighters docked there. Neither the New Republic nor the Jedi Council has yet to comment on how they are dealing with The Forgotten, however, Forgotten leader Darth Revenant has released this statement to the public.

A holo vid starts up with a man in Sith Stalker armor speaking

“I am Darth Revenant of The Forgotten. I have brought together colonists from dozens of worlds forgotten by The Empire as well as both the Old and New Republics. Colonists left on dead or dying worlds to expand your territory only to be forgotten by bureaucrats and diplomats, buried underneath paperwork. People who were abandoned and ignored, forced to watch friends and family die because you left them on worlds incapable of sustaining them. You promised them supplies and technologies to help them terraform and survive. Your broken promises meant nothing to the harsh winters of the tundras or the suns that scorched the earth.”

“Though you had forgotten us, we never forgot you. Those that follow me have been hardened by surviving the harshest environments you could find. You forged this army through your own negligence. I simply united them, and gave them the instruments to take back what you have robbed from them. We are The Forgotten. Darth Revenant out.”

The Gundark Inspires New Vigilantes to Appear

After a stunning victory in bringing down the remains of the Desilijic clan on Nal Hutta, it is coming to light that the Gundark may be inspiring other vigilantes across the galaxy. On Ord Mantell a bare-fisted fighter called The Warden has been said to be fighting against slavers and crime lords. Byss is reporting a lightsaber wielding Jedi has recently been seen patrolling rooftops and stopping crime in one of their largest cities, the local press there have been known to refer to him as Copper Top. Finally reports have come in from across the galaxy of a bounty hunter in head to toe yellow and orange armor simply known as The Arahn. The Arahn has been reported to be turning in bounties across the galaxy without actually collecting rewards on a single one.

Bimmisaari Asylum Under Quarantine

After sending most of his staff home early, Dr. Maxwell Thegas contacted Caduceaus to issue a quarantine on the Bimmisaari Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Thegas has chosen to lock himself in the quarantine zone in hopes of continuing to find a cure for the infected patients and staff members. With no official word yet from Caduceaus Galactic details are sketchy. However, talking with staff members released by Dr. Thegas it would appear the strange disease came from a group of miners from Kessel rescued by STARS about two months ago. Dr. Thegas while boasting an impressive record, has been unsuccessful in treating the miners. Worse still, this bizarre mental illness which has hold of them has spread to other patients as well as some staff members.

Ben Skywalker Assaulted on Duro

The son of the legendary Luke Skywalker was recently attacked by unknown assailants on Duro where he has been undergoing flight training for the last few months. Officials are still unsure as to how the black robed individuals managed to get past their security to sneak onto the military base and actually attack Ben Skywalker in his dorm. Ben says the assailants tried to inject him with some sort of hypo, but he and his fellow classmates managed to fight them off before they could. A thorough med scan seems to confirm that while the attackers did managed to stick the hypo into Skywalker, there were no trace of any foreign substances or infections.

Galactic Times Issue 1185

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